Senior Leadership

UANI is led by an Advisory Board of outstanding figures representing all sectors of the U.S. and EU.

Advisory Board

Veterans Advisory Council

The council helps to educate government and business leaders about the dangers of doing business with Iran as it relates to the regime’s support of terrorists who target U.S. servicemen around the world.

I am terribly sad. Throughout my professional and personal life, whenever I was unsure of what to say or think, my friend, the Senator, was always there. He had a unique gift for finding the right words to match any feeling or emotion, often with humor, a smile, and laughter. Now, as I write this without his guidance and kind wisdom, I feel his absence deeply. Having the Senator by my side was one of life's greatest gifts to me, and I know I'm not alone in feeling profoundly touched by him. That was the Senator's great gift—he touched and guided so many of us, either personally or through his example. --Ambassador Mark D. Wallace