• UANI Chairman Senator Joseph Lieberman speaks with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business Network about the Democratic presidential race and Iran on the anniversary of its revolution.
  • UANI Chief Executive Officer, Ambassador Mark D. Wallace, speaks with Al-Arabiya English at their studios at the United Nations to discuss the regime in Iran and its aggressive behavior, as well as the regime's move to sanction UANI as a terrorist organization.
  • Ambassador Wallace speaks with BBC Radio about the consequential week in U.S. foreign policy, following President Trump's decision to strike Qasem Soleimani, the so-called "shadow commander" of Iran's IRGC-Quds Force.
  • Sgt. Robert Bartlett reacts to Iranian aggression and the U.S. response. Iraq veteran injured by Iranian-made explosive says it's 'about time' Soleimani was taken out.
  • Nikki Haley says the Soleimani strike left the Iranian regime shaking in their boots. Tehran is having the regroup and figure out what's next following President Trump's decision to take out their top general, says Nikki Haley, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations.
  • Former U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman discusses the rising tension between the U.S. and Iran after the U.S. airstrike in Iraq that killed one of Iran’s top generals. He speaks with Bloomberg's David Westin on "Balance of Power."
  • Joe Lieberman on partisan political divide over US strike that killed top Iranian general - President Trump's decision to authorize the targeted attack on Gen. Qassem Soleimani was bold and unconventional, says former Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman.
  • What happens now that Qassem Soleimani is gone? Ali Velshi talks about what comes next in this new round of tensions between the U.S. and Iran with Norman Roule, a retired CIA officer who oversaw national intelligence policy related to Iran.
  • In an interview with i24 News on January 6, 2020, UANI Senior Advisor Norman Roule responded to the rise in tensions in Iraq with one question: Will the Iranians choose to end the ongoing threat to US forces and personnel in the region?