Iran Violations and Penalties Tracker

UANI's Iran Corporate Penalties Tracker is the only database documenting corporate violations and penalties specifically relating to Iran. It covers more than 500 civil and criminal cases settled by the U.S. Department of Justice and federal agencies. The total monetary amount paid out in fines by companies for Iran violations exceeds $19 billion.

The Tracker highlights the importance for companies to continue to adopt the most rigorous standards of enhanced due diligence (EDD), know your customer (KYC) and know your customer's customer standards (KYCC).

Existing KYC standards are currently used to protect businesses from engaging directly with sanctioned individuals and entities. However, ties to Iranian sanctioned entities may still occur indirectly. In particular, customers' customers may be engaging in questionable or unlawful behaviour, including money laundering, terror financing and sanctions evasion. This leaves a dangerous sanctions gap that should be plugged so sanctions can have their full intended effect.

It also puts companies at significant risk of reputational damage and - as the Tracker indicates - liable for massive financial penalties and even prison time.

Type Company/Individual Sort descending Country Total Fine Amount Date of Charge
Manufacturing 3-G Mermet USA $17,500
Conglomerate 3M USA $9,618,477
Manufacturing 3M Imtec Corp USA $125,000
Technology 8e6 Technologies USA $3,300
Trading A.N. Deringer, Inc USA $21,820
Industrial AAG Makina Turkey $23,000
Telecommunications AAT Communications USA $30,000
Energy Aban Offshore Limited India $17,500
Financial Institution ABN AMRO BANK (now known as Royal Bank of Scotland) Netherlands $500,000,000
Financial Institution ABN AMRO BANK (now known as Royal Bank of Scotland) Netherlands $40,000,000
Financial Institution ABN AMRO BANK (now known as Royal Bank of Scotland) Netherlands $20,000
Individuals Ace Electric Company USA $ 0
Medical Equipment ACRA-CUT, INC USA $808
Maritime Acteon Group Ltd. United Kingdom $213,866
Electronics Aegis Electronic Group USA $20,000
Individuals Aerotechnic France $ 0
Individuals Aerotechnic France $ 0
Individuals Afshin Rezaei Iran $50,000
Individuals Ahmad Sheikhzadeh USA $147,000
Metals Ahwaz Steel Commercial & Technical Service GmbH (ASCOTEC) Germany $50,000
Pharmaceuticals Alcon Laboratories, Inc., Alcon Pharmaceuticals Ltd & Alcon Management, SA USA $7,625,250
Individuals Aletra General Trading United Arab Emirates $ 0
Energy Alfa Laval Inc. Sweden $16,875
Energy Alfa Laval Middle East Ltd. Sweden $415,695
Individuals Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad Switzerland $ 0
Individuals Ali Soofi Canada $ 0
Individuals Alireza Moazami Goudarzi Iran $ 0
Manufacturing Alliance Steel, Inc. USA $435,003
Distributor Allied International Corp. (AIC) USA $4,455
Telecommunications Allied Telesis Labs, Inc. USA $500,000
Financial Services Alma Investments LLC United Arab Emirates $1,500,000
Automotive Alto Products Corp USA $13,750
E-Commerce, Inc. USA $134,523
Aviation American Airlines USA $2,750
Financial Services American Express Company USA $2,750
Financial Services American International Group, Inc (AIG) USA $148,698
Manufacturing American Optisurgical, Inc USA $404,100
Energy Ameron International Corporation USA $434,700
Individuals Amir Abbas Tamimi Iran $100
Individuals Amir Hossein Ardebili Iran $ 0
Individuals Amirhossein Sairafi Iran $ 0
Individuals Amparo Echeverri Colombia $ 0
Individuals Andrew Freyer USA $10,000
Individuals Angelica O. Preti Canada $5,100
Electronics Anh Minh Cuong Co Ltd. Singapore $57,025
Manufacturing Ansell Protective Products, Inc. USA $190,000
Individuals Antennas and Components USA $100
Insurance Aon International Energy, Inc. USA $36,000
Individuals Arash Yousefi Jam / Amin YOusefi Jam USA 0
Trading Arcelor Trading USA (on behalf of Trade Arbed, Inc) USA $5,500