UANI Calls For Joint U.S.-Israeli Military Action Against Iran's Regime

(New York, NY) – On Monday, United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) CEO Ambassador Mark D. Wallace released the following statement after the Islamic Republic of Iran’s attack on Israel on April 13: 

"In the last year alone there have been over 170 attacks on U.S. interests by Iran’s proxies. One led to the deaths of our servicemen and women at Tower 22 in Jordan. Israel suffered the worst terror attack in its history. And as we all know, Iran launched a direct and massive attack on Israel on Saturday—for the first time in the Islamic Republic's history. 

"Because of the skill of the U.S. military, the Israel Defense Forces, and partner countries, Iran's attack was thwarted. We condemn Iran’s regime and stand with Israel and the brave Americans and countries that defended against this attack. 

"As the extent of Iran's operation this weekend becomes clear, there can be no conclusion other than the United States has failed to deter Iran and its terror proxies. This is not "a win" and to suggest that Israel should forego a response reflects more of the same dangerous and failed policies that led to the Iranian attack. 

"The United States and its allies should stand with Israel not just in defense — which we of course applaud — but in deterring these lethal campaigns in the first place. The record is clear: a failure to deter is dangerous, emboldens Iran, and leaves our countries vulnerable to enemies. The U.S. government should lead a coalition of nations to restore deterrence by striking Iran. The policy of ignoring deterrence has failed and the result is a much more dangerous Middle East.  

"Lastly, if the United States or any of its allies was on the receiving end of the kind of operations launched by Iran against Israel, there is absolute certainty that our democratically elected officials and military would demand a decisive response. It is far too easy for Western governments to demand that Israel forego a response. The time should be long past where we demand of Israel a sacrifice and restraint that we could never expect of ourselves."