Claire Jungman

Claire Jungman

Chief of Staff
Claire Jungman

Claire Jungman, as the Chief of Staff at United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) and the Director of the Iran Tanker Tracking Program, plays a crucial role in the organization's strategic initiatives. Her primary focus on the real-time tracking of Iran-related vessels worldwide is a testament to her expertise and commitment to countering Iran's maritime activities related to nuclear proliferation.

Ms. Jungman's notable achievements in this role include the identification of the vessel "Suez Rajan." Her work led to the significant seizure of Iranian oil, highlighting the effectiveness and impact of UANI's monitoring efforts under her guidance. This accomplishment exemplifies her skill in maritime surveillance and intelligence gathering, crucial for understanding and responding to Iran's global shipping operations.

In her role as Chief of Staff, Ms. Jungman provides vital support to UANI's CEO, Ambassador Mark D. Wallace, and ensures seamless collaboration among staff, senior leaders, and advisory board members. Her educational background, including a B.A. in Psychology and a Security Studies Certificate from Dickinson College, coupled with an MBA from Wake Forest University, has equipped her with a comprehensive skill set for her multifaceted responsibilities.

Originating from Long Island, Ms. Jungman also pursues a passion for equestrian competition, balancing her demanding career with personal interests. Her leadership in tanker tracking and her significant contribution to international security issues position her as a dynamic and influential figure in the realm of nuclear non-proliferation and international relations.

You can find her on Twitter @claire_jungman

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