Praise From Public Officials

  • Mike Pompeo (Former U.S. Secretary of State)

    “Just yesterday, the regime added your organization [UANI]… a peaceful nonprofit to its list of terror groups… That’s outrageous. It’s outrageous even for this regime, which indeed does mean you are doing something right.”

  • Ambassador H.E. Shaikh Khalid bin Abdullah bin Ali Al Khalifa (Ambassador of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the U.S.)

    “On behalf of the Kingdom of Bahrain, it is a pleasure to express our gratitude for your leadership of United Against Nuclear Iran…. The issue is of the utmost importance to our people and we cannot underscore the criticality of people such as yourself, who keep this at the top of the United States’ proprieties. For without organizations such as UANI, the Iranian regime will only thrive as it goes unnoticed, unaddressed and unchecked.”

  • Ambassador Nikki Haley (Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. and Former Governor of South Carolina)

    “Great read on @UANI’s important work. When companies do business with Iran they aren’t helping the Iranian people or their economy, they are aiding a regime that uses $$$ to fuel terrorism and threaten the world. We must keep up the pressure.”

  • Ambassador Ron Dermer (Former Ambassador of Israel to the U.S.)

    “I want to thank UANI for the work that you do. I think you got a wonderful testimonial to how important your work is because of how concerned Iran is by it and hopefully you will wear that as a badge of honor…”

  • Hugh Dugan (Former U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs)

    "It was an honor to participate in this year’s UANI conference…. I learned a great deal and look forward to continuing our shared advocacy on behalf of American hostages and US foreign policy interests. It was great to see you again and observe how UANI has taken up a major, significant role as a resource for US foreign policy under your productive leadership.”

  • Former Governor Jeb Bush

    “Businesses must end their relationships with Tehran. I’m proud of the work @UANI is doing to root out these companies and showcase their cover dealings.”

  • Former Governor Jeb Bush

    “Hezbollah’s Rules of the Game and the Missile Threat. Well worth the read. UANI does great research.”

  • Former Governor Jeb Bush

    “UANI continues to challenge the Iranian regime and it is having a positive impact.”

  • Michael Makovsky (President & CEO of JINSA)

    “Iran just called our very good friends @UANI, an important US organization headed by the indomitable Mark Wallace that seeks to stop the Iranian nuclear program, an “economic terrorist” and pledged to designate UANI as a terrorist organization.”

  • Michael Makovsky (President & CEO of JINSA)

    “I wanted to separately thank UANI for all the terrific work they do yearround and Senator Lieberman, Mark, and the whole organization.”

  • Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL 18th District)

    “What I like, is they are in the weeds. You name a sector in the Iranian economy and they have been inside it, putting a lot of pressure on them. We’ve worked with them, especially on embargo and sanctions legislation. So many of the bills had their genesis with them.”

  • Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL 18th District)

    “I know that this wonderful organization, UANI, has done a great job in educating companies on why they should not do business with Iran… They are so knowledgeable of the sanctions laws and they are willing to meet with business leaders and CEOs and tell them, ‘This is what’s at stake, is this a worthy investment for you?’”

  • Congressman Steve Israel (D-NY 2nd District)

    “Part of their approach involves putting pressure on corporations to end existing business relationships with Iran. Along with their success on that front, UANI has used that experience to communicate effectively with members of Congress on how best to strengthen existing sanctions and ensure companies are complying with our laws.”

  • Former Congressman Bob Turner, (R-NY 9th District)

    “UANI is the most effective bi-partisan organization working to effectively confront the danger of a nuclear-armed Iran, and it effectively and actively contributes to our efforts to stop the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program. UANI’s programs, projects and resources, such as its ‘private sanctions’ campaigns’ as well as legislative and regulatory initiatives, effectively increase the economic pressure against Iran. At a time when the United States and the international community are working to isolate Iran diplomatically and economically, UANI’s work is essential.”

  • Dana Perino (Former Press Secretary to President Bush)

    "There’s a wonderful group called United Against Nuclear Iran, a group based out of here [New York], and their goal is to help figure out ways to pressure Iran and Iran’s regime to stop its pursuit of a nuclear weapon. They’re the ones who helped design the new sanctions that President Obama then called for, that some people think are maybe having an impact. The automotive industry is huge there, and its helped support the Iranian regime – United Against Nuclear Iran got Porsche and Hyundai to both pull out of Iran. They will no longer be selling cars in Iran. And that is a way you can really put a dent in what the Iranian regime is able to do. Congratulations to them."

  • Senator Mark Kirk (R-Ill.)

    “I will note, according to United Against a Nuclear Iran, since the unanimous Senate adoption of the Menendez-Kirk sanctions on Iran, the Iranian currency has fallen 63 percent in its value measured against the U.S. dollar. Iran may actually have to miss a payment to Hezbollah which would be welcome indeed."

  • Sir Richard Dearlove (Former Head of the UK’s MI6)

    "UANI has done a unique job in spotting the existing loopholes in the international sanctions regime. Increasing the transparency of current business transactions and providing much-needed information are simply two of the many contributions they have made to the multilateral effort to counter the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran."

  • Brad Schneider (D-IL 10th District)

    "I want to thank the witnesses for being here today, for sharing your insights. I want to thank you for what you do every day. I don't think a day goes by where I am not reading something from UANI ... So, thank you."

  • Frances Townsend (Former Homeland Security Advisor 2004-2007)

    “@UANI great work getting US Senate Banking Comm to pass Iran sanctions bill to floor demanding SWIFT cut ties to Iran financial system.”

Corporate Recognition

  • Air Liquide

    We thank you for reminding us with this letter of the constraints and risks related to business relations with Iran… we will continue to ensure that any activities in Iran are not detrimental to our reputation, including with our U.S. customers.”

  • Aleastur

    "… we are not considering any investments or any other exploratory undertakings in Iran nowadays, nor in the future… we reiterate our appreciation for the information received from your esteemed Organization in that respect.”

  • BBVA

    "We fully support your mission to promote the cessation of economic and financial support of the Islamic Republic of Iran…”

  • Belneftekhim

    “We are ready to further contact and information exchange with United Against Nuclear Iran on any issues that may raise your concern.”

  • Buss ChemTech

    "We have now removed the agent…which should reflect the respect for your initiative and policy to prevent that Iran becomes a nuclear power.”

  • Chalos & Co, P.C. Law Firm, representing Brave Maritime Corporation Inc.

    "…one should not minimize the impact UANI’s enquiries have had… Owners are also grateful to UANI for having alerted them to the two calls to Iranian ports which had not been reported to Owners by the bareboat charterers either in advance or after the fact. Without this information Owners would have accepted the reported Charterers voyage itineraries on face value and, as we advised, these did not disclose the two Iranian port calls."

  • Daimler

    “First and foremost, Daimler endorses the UANI initiative dedicated to combatting the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran...”

  • Faulhaber

    “We greatly respect the work that you and the UANI are doing and wish you continued success in this very important endeavor.”

  • Federal Financial Supervisory Agency of Germany

    "With great interest, I took notice of United Against Nuclear Iran’s activities to promote the cessation of economic and financial support of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the objective that Iran abandons developing nuclear weapons and supporting terrorism as well as human rights violations."

  • Floretta Ship Management

    “we truly care for the cause and if some support of any kind is required from our side then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Thanking you once again for highlighting the below to us.”

  • Grant Thornton

    "In response to UANI’s campaign, Grant Thornton International immediately got in contact with UANI, saying that it wanted ‘to do the right thing and end any Iran exposure.'"

  • Gosa

    “I firmly believe we share the same beliefs and we fully support your international efforts.”

  • HSBC

    “Your organisation’s work to understand, analyse and publicly highlight these risks is most valuable and thank you for sharing this with us.”

  • Hua Rui Carbon

    “We will immediately cease business development with Iran and will never do business with Iran in the future. And we will support the work of United Against Nuclear Iran all the time."

  • International Gas Union

    “Thank you for…UANI’s efforts to enhance the security of the United States.”

  • Janus Shipping

    “We really feel embarrassed and uncomfortable, for the whole situation and the inconvenience caused, and we can provide any additional information required, to support your important mission.”

  • Kiribati Ship Register

    "We therefore seek UANI’s help in continuing to monitor the movements of the vessel through expert resources unavailable to us, and should there be sufficient evidence that the vessel has breached sanctions under the current owner and manager, Kiribati will de-flag the vessel immediately."

  • Lloyds Banking Group

    “[Our] review took into account many individual risk factors, including those you cite as items 1-11 in your letter, and we remain fully aware of the multiple ongoing risks of doing business in Iran.”

  • Maersk Tankers

    "The timeliness of your information was extremely helpful. Although we have not been able to conclusively confirm the accuracy of the information you supplied, it prompted us to review the compliance-related information that Maersk Tankers had obtained on the OCEAN SCHOONER. As a result, Maersk Tankers and Celsius decided that the CELSIUS EVERETT would not accept the cargo from the OCEAN SCHOONER and terminated the ship-to-ship transfer between the two vessels."

  • Maritime Cook Islands

    "In the Cook Islands, far away from the congested, contested waters of the Persian Gulf, dealing with UANI is viewed by officials as a more straightforward issue. One local official with knowledge of the matter told the Guardian, “we just do what they tell us to do”."

  • Megatherm

    “Your letter has made us aware of the dangers and consequences of participating in such events in Iran. Thank you for the same. We will surely adhere to your advice and refrain from participating in such events in future."

  • Navios

    "We…find that the information that your organization disseminates to be very helpful… …there are no Navios vessels which have called at Iran ports in the time you have indicated… We are indeed surprised…"

  • Pergan GmbH

    “Our client respects the mission of your group and is thankful for the information you provided.”

  • RIU Hotels & Resorts Group

    “…we, and myself in particular, strongly support your position, and recognize and admire your work and efforts in this regard, and we put ourselves at your complete disposal for anything you may need in the US or anywhere else in the world in relation with this cause and your endeavors."

  • Royal Bank of Scotland

    "I found [your letter] most informative…assure you that RBS has a robust Sanctions Policy in place."


    "We [RSM] have made this decision because of the increased level of sanctions on Iran and rising concern about the country's political leadership. We agree with and support the work of UANI."

  • Select Fabricators, Inc.

    "We’ve investigated for any connections and have found no current or past known relationship with the entities listed in your letter, and have no intention to do any business with Iran… We support your efforts…"

  • Togolese Maritime Authority

    “We thank you again for your notification and your sincere follow up of this matter to prevent some “dangerous” regimes to acquire the Nuclear weapons which could be a disaster to all humanity and we will be very thankful if you continue in providing us information about any vessel or owners that are sanctioned such as the Vessel ARGO which will help us to decline the registration of these vessels and protect our registry."

  • Tuvalu Ship Registry

    "The Tuvalu Ship Registry (TSR) wishes to thank you and UANI for the hard work and look forward to closer cooperation in time to come."

  • Wacker Neuson

    "With regard to the matter referred to in your letter of March 27, I would like to thank you on behalf of the Wacker Neuson Group for your valuable comments."

  • Wan Hai

    “…recognizes the work of UANI and commends its mission in promoting global awareness of the U.S. and EU policies with regards to the Iranian entity…”

  • Zanzibar Maritime Authority

    “We appreciate your help and regret to see that these vessels are operating against our directives."