Trade Delegation Campaign: Germany

UANI's "Germany Campaign" highlights the extensive Iran business activities of German businesses, firms, and entities, which are at odds with the German government's. Germany has consistently been the EU’s number one trade partner of Iran. In 2016, bilateral trade between Iran and Germany. Germany exported 2.6 billion euros worth of goods and services to Iran. DIHK foreign trade economist Volker Treier told Reuters he sought to boost trade in goods between Germany and Iran to 5 billion euros by the end of 2018. Unsurprisingly, UANI has engaged with more companies from Germany than any other country.

The German-Iranian Chamber of Trade and Commerce continues to freely operate and facilitate bilateral trade. The Chamber was established in 1975 "to establish new trade links between the two countries or expand existing cooperation." Many Chamber members are major German industrial firms such as Bosch, Herrenknecht, and Aker Wirth, many of which maintain their own branches or agencies in Tehran. In 2010, with support from the German Embassy in Tehran, the Chamber brought 7,000 representatives of Iranian firms to Germany to "learn about the latest technologies, innovations, and achievements," and "meet the largest possible number of potential business partners."

German exports are indispensable to the proper functioning of Iran's industrial sector, including for machinery, manufacturing, engineering, tunneling as well as oil and gas projects. According to reports, in 2011, "two thirds of Iranian industrial firms and three quarters of the country's small and medium enterprises use machinery and equipment of German origin." Iran is also "totally dependent on German spare parts and suppliers." In September 2007, according to Germany's Federal Agency for External Trade, German firms were the market leaders in seven out of nine mechanical engineering sectors in Iran. German companies are also regular participants in exhibitions organized under the auspices of the regime, including the annual Iran Oil Show. For example, over the years, a number of German firms have attended the annual Iran Oil Show, where they offer products and services to regime entities including subsidiaries of the Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran (IDRO), a regime-controlled entity dedicated to advancing the development of Iran's nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

The flow of German goods and services into Iran has weakened the multinational sanctions regime and the safety and security of the Iranian people. The Iranian regime has utilized German technology from Nokia-Siemens Networks to crackdown on Internet, Twitter, and mobile communications among democratic protesters in the aftermath of the fraudulent 2009 presidential elections.

German firms active in Iran are endangering themselves through the financial and reputational risks of doing business in Iran. Notwithstanding the financial and reputational risks of German-Iranian trade, such trade will only continue unless more pressure is applied on German corporations and firms by both the German government and private citizens.

Top 20 Offenders: German Companies Engaged in Iran

Company Name Sector Nature of Business




ThyssenKrupp group has an extensive history with Iran who became an investor in the company in 1974. In 2010 UANI applauded ThyssenKrupp for its decision to freeze sales to end contracts in Iran. In June 2017, Uhde GmbH, part of ThyssenKrupp AG, started the development of 2 PDH plants in the cities of Mahshahr and Asalouyeh, Iran.




The Iranian regime misused the German manufacturer’s cranes for public executions in the country. Atlas was represented at the Iran RailExpo 2016.




Chemicals conglomerate that has done business in Iran since 1959, and continues to do business with both Iran and the U.S. Military.  BASF received $12.7 million in federal contracts and grants from the U.S. government from 2000-2010.  Maintains a subsidiary in Tehran, BASF Iran (PJS) Co.




Chemical and pharmaceuticals giant that has done business in Iran since the 1960s.  The company received $610 million in U.S. government contracts and grants from 2000-2010.  Works in Iran through its subsidiary Bayer Parsian AG.




Sells vehicles in Iran through Persia Khodro.




Bosch Group opened an office in Tehran in 2016 as the group’s automotive division “sees growing potential in Iran’s car market following the lifting of international sanctions.”

Bosch Rexroth



Manufactures products and systems associated with the control and motion of industrial and mobile equipment. Works in Iran through its partner.




A Luxembourg bank, owned by Germany’s Deutsche Borse Group, accused of opening accounts for Iran’s Bank Markazi and UBAE.





In January 2016 Daimler’s trucks division signed letters of intent with joint venture partners in Iran as part of the German truck maker’s re-entry into the Iranian Market. Daimler cooperates with Iran Khodro Diesel and Iran’s Mammut Group.




Iranian company Diesel Motor A.F. Z. has been importing and distributing DEUTZ engines and related parts for almost half a century in Iran.



Trade Conferences

Pro-Iran trade conferences continue to be enabled by the help of European organisers. IMAG GmbH, for instance, one of the world’s top trade fair organisers and one of the biggest exhibition companies in Germany, has helped organize multiple conferences in Iran.




Formerly Degussa. Chemicals producer that has been operating in Iran since at least 2007. Since 2000, the company has received nearly $1 million in U.S. government contracts. Evonik continues to maintain an office in Tehran, Iran.  



Machine Tools

Supplier of engine, powertrain, and instrumentation systems. FEV partnered with Iran Khodro to produce EF7 engines  and has received over $130 million in U.S. government contracts. 




Manufacturer of tunnel-boring machines. Formerly listed two sales and service offices in Tehran: Herrenknecht Iran and Tajhizat Novin Tunnel PJS. 2010 New York Times report highlighted Iran’s abuse of civilian tunnel-boring machines to shield and obscure its nuclear weapons program and pointed to Herrenknecht as a key supplier to Iran of such equipment. Herrenknecht AG is listed as a participant at the 2017 Iran Oil Show that took place in Tehran, Iran.




International industrial gases and engineering company that has a branch office in Tehran. In September 2010, Linde announced it would halt business in Iran. In March 2017, Linde announced they signed engineering contracts to resuscitate projects from years ago but cannot act on them until there is a way to transfer money out of the country. In October 2017 Parsian Oil and Gas Development Co announced Linde would start construction of the Kian Petrochemical Plant.




Lufthansa lists an airport office at Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran, Iran. Following implementation Day, Lufthansa increased the number of scheduled flights from Germany to Tehran and entered into a partnership with Iran Air.




Automotive and manufacturing company. A subsidiary of VolkswagenLists two Iranian dealers for its commercial vehicles. In November 2016, MAN announced it will deliver two of its Refinery Train Package concept turbomachinery trains to a refinery south of Tehran. The multimillion-dollar order was made by Iranian EPC Nargan Co., with the machinery later to be operated by Esfahan Oil Refining Co.




Sells vehicles in Iran through Setareh Iran. Mercedes trucks have been used for military purposes and Mercedes cars are commonly used by the Iranian police. In September 2017, Mercedes Benz Trucks signed a contract with Tehran-based automaker Iran Khodro laying the foundation for resuming distribution of its trucks in Iran.

Munich Re

Munich Re


One of the world’s largest reinsurers. Stated in 2010 that it was ending its dealings with Iranian companies. In July 2017 Munich Re-signed a contract with Iran’s Saman Insurance Company. Based on the contract, risks in life insurance and capital formation categories are reinsured by Munich Re.




Industrial and engineering conglomerate. Pledged in January 2010 that it would stop pursuing business in Iran and wind down the existing contract. Instead, company’s Iran business surged to nearly $1 billion—more than a 50% increase over a two-year period. Siemens has been a contributor to Iranian infrastructure projects for almost 150 years.




Volkswagen subsidiaries and affiliates continue to maintain extensive business in Iran, including LamborghiniMAN SEScania, and Suzuki. Mammut Khodro Co., is the official distributor of Volkswagen in Iran.

German Companies Reportedly Active in Iran

Company Name Sector Nature of Business
A. Kruss Optronic Manufacturing

Manufacturer of measuring instruments. Products sold in Iran through and DayTA lab.

ADKL Conglomerate

ADKL signed a €2.0 billion contract with Iran’s Masjed Soleyman Petrochemical Industries Company (“MIS”) in relation to Iran’s petrochemical sector.

Aerogate Aviation

Aerogate is the handling agent for the Iranian company Mahan Air at the Munich Airport Terminal 1.

Allianz Financial

German financial conglomerate and Europe’s largest primary insurer by gross premiums. Allianz stated in February 2010 that it would be suspending its business in Iran. In January 2016 it was reported Allianz “would evaluate potential opportunities in Iran.”

ALMiG Kompressoren Manufacturing

Air compressor company works in Iran through its partner Hava Abzar.

AMF  GmBH & CO. KG Manufacturing

Specializing in clamping systems, hand tools, and locks. Lists an  Iranian sales distributor on its website. Andreas Maier is represented in Iran by IIS Iran Industries Support.

ANDRITZ Group AG  Industrial Services

Andritz has had representation in Tehran and has supplied the Kharkeh project with generators, a project mainly run by Khatam al Anbiya, a consortium affiliated with the IRGC. Producer of Archimedean screw pumps, hydrodynamic screws and booster stations for the water and water waste industry. The Andritz Group lists an office for Andritz Hydro GmbH and for Andritz Separation GmbH in Tehran, Iran on its company website.

Atotech Manufacturing

Electronics and electroplating firm is a subsidiary of French oil and gas company, Total. Felezab Co. names itself as the company’s sole agent in Iran.

Babcock Borsig Service Energy

Energy company works in Iran through its partner Babak-Fanavar.

BBC Chartering GmbH Shipping

BBC Chartering vessels BBC Colorado and BBC Maple Lotta call at Iranian ports.

Bauer Maschinen GmbH Construction

Manufactures forklift truck attachments, recycling banks, and hazardous materials containers. BAUER is represented in Tehran, Iran by its subsidiary BAUER Maschinen PARS LLC.

Bayerngas Energy

A subsidiary of the Norwegian oil and gas company Bayerngas Norge. Signed a deal in 2009 with the National Iranian Oil Company to install filling stations around the country to provide automobiles with compressed natural gas. As a result of international pressure and sanctions on Iran, Bayerngas shelved the deal in March 2010.

Beckmann & Jorgensen Shipping

Inspection service provider. Beckmann & Jorgensen GmbH performs, as a representative of Berkhrad International Inspection Services (BIS) in Tehran, pre-shipment inspection for machines and goods for shipment to Iran.

Bergrohr Industrial Materials

Manufacturer of large diameter steel pipes for high demanding applications such as energy infrastructure. Berghor has a branch office in Iran. Since September 1, 2014, Bergrohr GmbH has become a member of the EEW Group.

Beurer Consumer

Manufacturer of health and well-being products including massage chairs, saunas, and heating pads. Beurer has its own Iranian website, facebook page and works in Iran through a trading partner.

BHF-BANK Banking

Noted for conducting business with Iranian banks. In November 2016 IMIDRO and BHF-Bank resumed cooperation, especially in the mining and mining industries sectors.

Biesterfeld Chemicals

Specializes in industrial and agrochemicals, salt, pharmaceutical raw materials, and agents. Products are sold in Iran by Bayer Persian AG.

Bilfinger Engineering

In July 2016 Bilfinger secured its first order in Iran. Bilfinger is delivering the entire process control system for the upgrade of one of Iran’s largest refineries.

Biometra Manufacturing

Manufacturer of general laboratory equipment, electrophoresis products, gel imaging systems, hybridization ovens, power packs, thermo-cyclers. Products are sold in Iran through Armin Shegarf Co. Ltd.

BK-Services Manufacturing

Manufacturer of high pressure, high temperature and special valves for power stations and industrial plants. Works in Iran through Sinarad Kala.

Bopp & Reuther Construction

Produces industrial machinery for power plants. Lists Super Sanati Co, in Iran as a place of business for its nuclear industries business unit, and participated in the 2012 Iran Oil Show. Also participated in the 2017 Tehran Oil Exhibition.

Buehler Manufacturing

Manufacturer of material preparation and analysis equipment. In 2008, Buehler was assessed a penalty of $200,000 by the U.S. Department of Commerce for using its German affiliate (Buehler GmbH) to reexport a chemical product mixture called Coolmet from Germany to Iran without a U.S. license. Such reexportation is a violation U.S. Export Administrations Regulations.

Carl Schenck AG Industry

Develops and manufactures advanced components used primarily in turbines. Schenck Worldwide lists a sales office in Iran. 

Carl Zeiss Microimaging Industry

Optical technology company does business in Iran through a distributor, Marestan.

Christ Wash Systems Automotive

This vehicle wash system manufacturer lists an Iranian office on its website.

CMS Hasche Siegle Professional Services

In 2016 CMS became the first international law firm to open a dedicated office in the Iranian capital, Tehran, led by partners of CMS Germany.

Commerzbank Financial Services

Financial conglomerate that in 2010 was reported to maintain accounts for Bank Sepah, the U.S and the U.N-sanctioned bank that assists Tehran’s development of weapons of mass destruction.

Dachser Shipping

Logistics company active in Iran through its representative, Douraghi Co. Ltd.

Dantherm Industrial Services

Industrial air management company that works in Iran through Pars Nikoo and Nac-Co.

Dataphysics Instruments Industrial Services

Industrial air management company that works in Iran research center for the newest measurement techniques for surface and interfacial science and a producer of surface and interfacing measuring instruments. Datapysics lists a distributor in Tehran. in through Mahar Fan Abzar Co.

Deutsche Bahn Transportation

A leading transportation and logistics company with numerous subsidiaries. One of Deutsche Bahn AG’s subsidiaries, DB Schenker, is a partner company of Meshkin Co Ltd, a shipping company that operates exclusively out of Iran. Meshkin is responsible for a significant portion of Iranian exports shipping.  Additionally, DB Schenker itself has an Iranian subsidiary, Delta Bar Int’l Transport and Shipping Services. In May 2017, a MoU was signed between Iran’s Bon Rail Company, a rail passenger transport firm affiliated with Iran’s Mostazafan Foundation and Deutsche Bahn.

Deutsche Bank Banking

Despite having stated to have cut all ties to Iran in 2007, Deutsche Bank was reported in 2010 to maintain bank accounts for Bank Sepah, the U.S and U.N-sanctioned bank that assists Tehran’s development of weapons of mass destruction. In October 2016 it was reported a “new phase of cooperation between Deutsche Bank and Iran had started last week after a half of 10 years.” 

Deutsche Post DHL Shipping

Deutsche Post DHL is the largest logistics and mailing company in the world and operates the brand name DHL mailing service. Deutsche Post DHL conducts business for Iran at DHL Express Iran in Tehran, Iran. Rahavard International Transport Co. Ltd also serves as an exclusive agent of DHL Global Forwarding in Iran.

Deutsche Telekom Telecom

Telecommunications conglomerate and parent company of T-Mobile USA. Was the subject a in which it disclosed that it provides a range of telecommunications services to Iran.

Doppstadt Engineering

Doppstadt sells belt pulleys and is represented in Tehran, Iran through Moregenco.

Dräger (Draeger) Medical

Medical services and safety technologies company. Involved in a scandal for supplying dual-use technology to Iran through its Italian partner Irasco, which is noted for its work with the Iranian Oil Ministry. Has received both U.S government contracts and 18 special licenses from the U.S government to do business in Iran. Lists Lab Tech Ltd. as its distributor in Tehran, Iran.

Durr AG Automotive

Automotive and technology company. Does business in Iran through Hooran Co, Ltd. Durr AG lists two representatives for the Iranian market and its subsidiary Carl Schenck AG also lists an office in Iran. 

DZ Bank Banking

DZ Bank maintained a presence in the Iranian market for many years, which it ended in compliance with international sanctions. However, in April 2016, DZ Bank confirmed that it had re-engaged with the Iranian market, having “started handling transactions on behalf of European clients doing business in Iran.”

EIRICH Technology

Lists four different representatives in Tehran, Iran on its company website.

Effekta Regel Technik Electronics

Power supply manufacturer. Works in Iran through a sales representative, Mojbonyan.

EKATO Manufacturing

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Palace Co. Ltd.

Eltherm Construction

Industrial heating products company. Participated in the 2012 and 2017 Iran Oil Show.  Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Tavan Control.

Eltra GmbH Manufacturing

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Ocean Co.

ELWE Technik Industrial Services

Producer of technical training systems. Partnered with Arman Pars International Co. in Iran.

EMUGE-FRANKEN Manufacturing

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Tamin Abzar Pars Mehr Co.

Enthone Chemicals

Produces electroplating chemicals and additives. Licenses products and technology to Simin Barragh, an Iranian electroplating company.

Erwin Junker Group Industrial Metals

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Ali Moussavi Consulting Co and Karazma Sanat Imen Barsam Ltd.

Europäisch-Iranische Handelsbank (EIH) Banking

German bank focusing on international business with Iran. Has handled billions of dollars of transactions on behalf of sanctioned Iranian banks. Sanctioned by the U.S. in September 2010 for facilitating Iran’s proliferation activities and providing services to sanctioned banks. Sanctioned by the EU in May 2011.

Euroroll Construction

Specializes in roll tracks, wheel rails, and gravity roller conveyors. Works in Iran through partner Dozhpad.

Eurowings Aviation

German airline Eurowings, a subsidiary of Lufthansa, launched flights to Tehran in October 2015.

FAUDI GmbH Industrial Services

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Petronoble.

Feluwa Pumpen Industrial Services

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Paydar Abzar.

Festo AG & Co. Industrial Services

Industrial control and automation company. Festo lists a subsidiary in Tehran.

Fotochemische Werke Industrial Services

Manufacturer of film, x-ray processing equipment, and auxiliary materials. Over the last three presidential administrations, the U.S. Government has granted Fotochemische Werke 20 special licenses to do business in Iran. 

Festool GmbH Industrial Services

FourSat Kish Co. is the authorized dealer in Tehran, Iran for Festool. Festool is a subsidiary of TTS Tooltechnic Systems Ag & Co. KG.

Freudenberg & Co. KG Engineering

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Pars Sealing Systems Company.

Friedrich Electronic Industry

Manufacturer of measuring and automation technology for bulk solids. Lists Ardkar Sanat as a distributor in Tehran.

Fuchs Petrolub AG Manufacturing

The manufacturing company has maintained a presence in the Iranian market since 2004 through its subsidiary, Fuchs Lubricants Iranian Co. (“FLIC”).

Galatea Consumer

Manufacturer of bathtubs. Galatea lists an office and showroom in Tehran.

GEA Group Engineering

System provider for food and energy processes. In 2004, GEA subsidiary GEA Energietechnik won a €31 million contract to build air-cooled condensation plants for power stations in Iran.

Gehring Technologies GmbH Technology

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by K.S.B co. (Rotson Group).


Is represented in Tehran, Iran by SINARD Kala Co. Ltd.

Geo-data Energy

Specializes in the design and construction of mud logging services for application in oil and gas field wells. Works in Iran through Pars GEO-data. Lists its Iran projects on its company website.

Germela Financial Services

Lists a Tehran, Iran office on its company website.

Gesellschaft fur Labortechnik (GFL) Manufacturing

Manufacturer of laboratory equipment that operates through multiple Iranian distributors: Armin Shegarf Co., Rontgen Inc., Armita Teb Novin Co., Laleh Tajhiz Azma Co., Ozhan Afarin Parsi Co. Ltd., and FANTASTIC CO., LTD.

GESIPA Manufacturing

Manufacturer of tools and rivets. The company has an export department for Iran.

GESTRA Engineering

The company specializes in design and production of valves and control systems for heat and process fluid control. Listed as a mechanical vendor for Iran's National Petrochemical Company.

Getriebebau Nord Manufacturing

Manufacturer of gear units, geared motors, electro motors, frequency inverters and other equipment. Operates in Iran through partner Rowshan Sanaat Eng. Co.

GKE Chemicals

Manufacturer of chemical and biochemical indicators works in Iran through its partner, Armin Shegarf.

Gottfert Manufacturing

Manufacturer of rheological testing equipment. Works in Iran through its partner, FaraSar Chimie Co.

Hammelmann GmbH Energy

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Yourd Tehran Co., Ltd.

Hannover Re Financial

One of the world’s leading reinsurance groups. Conducts treaty business (proportional and non-proportional) and a small amount of facultative business in Iran, and ‘will continue to do so’ if it complies with United Nations and European Union sanctions.

Hans Turck GmbH & Co. KG Manufacturing

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by DIBACO (Abzar Daghigh Diba).

Hans Weber Maschinenfabrik GmbH Manufacturing

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Nekousaz Polymer Sanat Aris Co.

Hansa Group AG Energy

Produces surfactants and other chemical preliminary products and precursors. Does business in Iran through its partner Karoon Petrochemical Co.

Hapag-Lloyd Shipping

Shipping giant that operated in Iran’s Tidewater Middle East Co.-controlled Bandar Abbas port. Hapag Lloyd currently maintains an office in Tehran through Iran Tarabar Co. Ltd.

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen Manufacturing

Develops and produces printing presses, platesetters, postpress equipment, and software. Works in Iran through a branch office, Iran Rotative Co. Ltd.

Heinrich Wagner Sinto Maschinenfabrik GmbH Manufacturing

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Gasomic Ind. Co.

Helmke Engineering

Helmke is the parent company of Spain-based Helmke Orbis, an engineering firm that participated in the 2012 Iran Oil Show.

HEMA Maschinen Manufacturing

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Oskoyi Ballbearing Co.

Henkel Manufacturing

Specializes in laundry & home care, cosmetics/toiletries and adhesive technologies. According to Henkel’s website, Iran is one of the company’s “emerging markets.”

Hennecke GmbH Manufacturing

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Karamadan Hampa Co.

HERMETIC-Pumpen GmbH Energy

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by ANKO Tehran.

Herrmann Ultraschalltechnik GmbH & Co. KG Manufacturing  Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Gasomic Ind. Co. 
Homa Pumpenfabrik Engineering

Specializes in pump technology. On its website, lists an agency in Tehran called Behsan Parsian Sanat Co.

Honsberg Metallsagen GmbH Manufacturing

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Javan Steel.

Hydac Technology GmbH Technology

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Pars Sirang Kish Industrial Services.

ILLIG Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG Manufacturing

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Novin Arian.

INDEX-Werke Manufacturing

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by MSTA Co., Ltd.

INTRA Industrial Solutions Industrial

INTRA Industrial Solutions has been working in Iran for a long time. INTRA has an office in Iran and works closely with its local partners.

Irano-German Insurance Services Financial Services

Insurance company specializing in cargo and related marine insurance. Works as agent for Lloyd’s of London in Iran. 

Jokisch GmbH Chemicals

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Parsian Super Lubricants.

Karl Mayer Manufacturing

Manufacturer of textiles. , Sultex Limited and  GuivFar.

Keller HCW Technology

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Sepahan Machine Torabi.

Kelvion Energy

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by GEA Liaison Office Tehran.

Kern-Liebers Engineering

Produces springs, stampings, and textile machine components.  Specializes in the automotive industry. Works in Iran through its subsidiary KERN-LIEBERS PARS Co. Ltd.

KHD Humboldt Wedag Construction

Specializes in cement plant technology, equipment and services. Maintains a branch office in Iran.

Klaus Union GmbH & Co. KG Chemicals

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Petro Klaus Arya Ltd.

Klöpper-Therm GmbH & Co. KG Engineering

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Shakiba Golf Consulting.

KME Germany GmbH & Co. KG Manufacturing

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Zarib Trading Co., Ltd.

Knauer Manufacturing

Manufacturer of laboratory instruments. Works in Iran through Behan Chemical Co.

Knuth Manufacturing

Manufacturer of sophisticated machine tools. Kadiran Industrial Tools, a major Iranian oil-gas & petrochemical supplier, lists Knuth as one of its suppliers. Knuth attended the regime-sponsored 10th Tehran Industry International Exhibition (TIIE 2010).

Kobold Messring Engineering

Manufactures instruments to “measure and control flow, level, pressure and temperature” for industrial applications. Works in Iran through Kobold Messring Iran and prominently advertises its participation in the 2010 Iran Oil Show.

Koenig & Bauer (KBA) Industrial Metals

The printing press company is active in Iran. KBA subsidiary, KBA MetalPrint, also works in Iran. In October 2012, UANI applauded KBA for ending its currency printing business in Iran, but its other business in the country appears to continue. 

KOLLER Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH

Industrial Metals

The printing press company is active in Iran. KBA subsidiary, KBA MetalPrint, also works in Iran. In October 2012, UANI applauded KBA for ending its currency printing business in Iran, but its other business in the country appears to continue.

Kraussmaffei Technologies Technology

Manufacturer of machinery for processing plastics. Works in Iran through two distributors: Varzidehkar and Karamadan Hampa Co. In 2017 Kraussmaffei partnered with KaranSima Fam in the Iranian plastics industry.

Krohne Engineering

KROHNE is represented by KROHNE Liaison Office Iran in Tehran, Iran.

KSB Manufacturing

From the early 2003 KSB SE & Co. KGaA has established its own branch office in Iran and this office has handled all KSB related affairs ever since. The aim of this office is to act as a frontier of KSB group in the volatile, but potential market of Iran.

KTR Systems Industrial Services

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Farayand Tajhiz Khavar.

Kuehme Armaturen GmbH Energy

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Behsan Parsian Sanat Co. Ltd.

Kuehne + Nagel AG & Co KG Engineering

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Kala Navegan Shargh Co. Ltd and is represented in Bandar Abbas by Caspian Terminal Services Qeshm Co. Ltd.

Kuhne GmbH Engineering

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by CYS Group.

Lahmeyer International Engineering

Engineering group specializing in energy, water and civil engineering projects. Has engaged in 6 projects in Iran.

Lamtec Meß- und Regelstechnik für Feuerungen GmbH & Co. KG Industrial Services

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Foruzan Energy Engineering Company Ltd.

Landesbank Baden- Württemberg Banking

Noted for conducting business with Iranian banks. As of 2008, Landesbank Baden Württemberg’s business in Iran is covered by its Dubai office. 

Lapp Group Manufacturing

Specializes in cables, leads and cable accessories. Works in Iran through its partner, Iran Technical Supply Co.

LASCO Umformtechnik GmbH Manufacturing

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Emdad Sanaye Engineering Group.

LAUDA Manufacturing

Manufacturer of innovative thermostatic equipment and systems. Works in Iran through a partner, FaraSar Chimie Co.

Leistritz Manufacturing

Leistritz is present in the Gulf States and Iran with numerous representatives.

Lenze Engineering

Specializes in Motion Centric Automation products. Works in Iran through the Tavan Ressan Co.

Leonhardt & Blumberg Shipping

Shipping giant with over 55 large container vessels. Owns the Hansa India, which it chartered to heavily sanctioned IRISL. In 2009 the Hansa India was boarded by U.S. troops, who found eight containers full of ammunition allegedly headed to Syria from Iran. 

Leoni Manufacturing

Listed as a participant at the Iran Oil Show in 2014. Lenoi lists Iran as a country in its regional sales department.

Lewa Manufacturing

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Ecologica/Eco Karandish, Engineering & Procurement.

Liebherr Group Construction

UANI called on Liebherr to stop supplying cranes to Iran in April 2011 and in August 2011 Liebherr ceased all business operations in Iran. In June 2016 it was reported that Liebherr won the tender for equipping Shahid Rajaee Port and Bana Machine states it has a mutual agreement with Liebherr.

Linde Hydraulics Manufacturing

Manufacturer of high-pressure, heavy-duty hydraulic components. Works in Iran through its Iranian sales partner, Rahbord Hydraulic Sepand Co. Ltd., as well as Mehrizan Industrial Development.

Linde Material Handling Manufacturing

Leading manufacturer of forklifts and warehouse trucks. Also offers explosion protected models. Partnered in Iran with Mehrizan Industrial Development. In June 2017, Linde Material Handling resumed its activities in the Iranian market by granting its exclusive license to an Iranian company called Axon Machine Arina.

Lisega Industrial Services

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Rye Pala Ltd. Co.

Lurgi Engineering

Engineering firm involved in major Iranian infrastructure projects, especially in the petrochemical sector. Does business in Iran through the Fanavaran Petrochemical Complex, with which it struck a €115 million methanol-conversion deal in 2010. In August 2017, Lurgi GmbH and the Iranian National Petrochemical Company signed an agreement for a 500,000-tonne propylene production unit using the company’s methanol-to-propylene technology.

Maiko Engineering Engineering

Engineering company and tool manufacturer. Represented by Aran Afra Corp. in Iran.

Mahr Metering Systems GmbH Energy

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by AVA Textile Engineering (ATE).

Mankenberg Engineering

Engineering and construction firm that does business in Iran through its partner Kitro Pars. Participated in the 2012 Iran Oil Show. 

Mann+HUMMEL Manufacturing

In August 2017, MANN+HUMMEL opened an office in Tehran and for the first time has its own representation in Iran.

MAPAL Construction

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Persian Rah Soo Kav Co. (RSK).

Markus Klotz Manufacturing

Manufacturer of particle counters and particle measuring systems with applications in the oil and gas industry.  distributor Proton Chemie Co. in Iran.

MEP-OLBO Manufacturing

Manufacturer of tire cord and linear fabric. Works in Iran.

Merck KGaA Chemicals

Chemical and pharmaceutical company. Active in Iran through Aryadana Kimia Co. and other distributors.

Messer Cutting Systems GmbH Industrial Metals

Global supplier of cutting edge technology for the metal-working industry. Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Kavosh Azmoon.

METRA Energy

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Super Sanati Co.

Miebo Tech Export Industrial Metals

Supplier of machinery and spare parts for power generation and refinery industries. Tavan Gashta International is Miebo’s Iranian partner.

Miele Manufacturing

Manufacturer of household and commercial appliances. Partnered with Tehran Bouran Co an, JAM-Nazarian Factory, Farayand Danesh Arian Co and Ayria Borna in Tehran, Iran.

Minimax Manufacturing

Safety equipment manufacturer with applications in the oil and gas industry. Maintains a branch office in Iran.

Müller's Logistik Shipping

The international shipping agency and transport company is partnered with the Delta Bar company in Iran.

MultiMetall Reiner Schulze Industrial Metals

Producer of advanced polymer metals. Partnered with Kasra Industrial Lining and Coating Consultant Co.

Munich Airports Aviation

In January 2017 Munich Airports signed an MOU with Iran Airports and Air Navigation Company to boost airport and aviation ties.

MUNSCH Chemie-Pumpen GmbH Engineering

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Aderan Dej Co. Ltd.

MWM Manufacturing

Manufacturer of diesel and gas engines. Partnered with Iran’s Gohar Homa Co.

NAXOS-DISKUS Engineering

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by VORNA Fangostar Iranian Co. Ltd.


Is represented in Tehran, Iran by NEUMAN & ESSER Pars PJSC.

NILOS Engineering

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by NILOS Iran.

NOXMAT Industrial Services

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Etelaye Sanat Pars.

OCS Optical Control Systems GmbH Manufacturing

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Farasar Chimie Co. Ltd.

Oil Dynamics GmbH Energy

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Padyab Equip.

Osram Manufacturing

Lighting manufacturer and wholly-owned subsidiary of Siemens. Works in Iran through a partner, Noorlamp.

Paul Horn GmbH Manufacturing

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Taban Abzar Pars Co.

PEE_WEE Manufacturing

Is represented in Tehran, Iran.

Peiseler GmbH & Co KG Manufacturing

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Farazgaman.

Pelox Chemicals

Stainless steel chemical treatment company that works in Iran through its distributor, Kasra Industrial Lining and Coating Consulting Co.

Pepperl+Fuchs Industry

Engineering and construction firm that does business in Iran through its Iranian representatives ADICO, Aria Equip International Co., Arian BC, and Omid Electric Co. Participant in the 2012 Iran Oil Show.

PFAFF Industrial Manufacturing

Manufacturer of sewing and heat-sealing machines.  Tehran Dookht Machine Co. andKaramadan.

PLAST-CONTROL GmbH Manufacturing

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Novinarian.

Primacon GmbH Engineering

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Farazgaman.

ProMinent Manufacturing

Manufacturer of pumps, dosing systems, control and measurement systems. Is represented in Tehran, Iran through its distributor ProMinent Juffali FZC.

Pruss Industrial Valves Manufacturin

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by PTS Energy.

PSI AG Technology

PSI Metals and the Iranian market leader for Industrial Automation and IT solutions in metals, IRISA Co., signed a comprehensive collaboration agreement in 2016.

Putzmeister Construction

Building products company that does business in Iran. Sells truck-mounted concrete pumps to Abadrahan Pars Co., which is working with the National Iranian Oil Company on the South Pars Gas Field project.

Radio Frequency Systems Technology

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by FourSat Kish Co. Ltd.

Rawie Transportation

Manufacturer of buffer stops for railway tracks and other railway equipment. Partnered withAiria Co. Ltd. In Iran.

Ray Oil & Gasburner Energy

Producer of oil and gas burners.  by RAY-Shahrak Co.

Rickmers-Linie Shipping

Specialist in the global transportation of break-bulk, heavy lift and project cargoes. Partnered with Tehran. Signed a $120 million contract in 2006 to build four multi-purpose ships for Iran Sadra.

Reifenhauser Cast Sheet Coating GmbH Manufacturing

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Novin Arian T.D. Co.

Rekers GmbH Maschinen Engineering

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Kambiz Pour Kardan.

RENK AG Manufacturing

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Tavan Sazan Iran Co., Ltd.

RENNER GmbH Kompressoren Chemicals

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Faraz Compressor Co.

Retsch GmbH  

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Ocean Co. Laboratory & Research Testing Equipment.

ROBEL Manufacturing

Manufacturer of railway construction equipment and machinery.  Airia Co. Ltd.

Robert Thomas Industrial Metals

Manufacturer of electrical appliances. Operates in Iran through German distributor UMD and Iran-Severin Kish.

Rodl & Partner Financial Services

Established a corporate finance team in Tehran, collaborating with local partners.

Rohde & Schwarz Manufacturing

Manufacturer of electronics. Has a liaison office in Tehran.

Ruthmann Manufacturing

Specializes in cargo trucks and used machines. Works in Iran through its representative Lajvar

Saarstahl Manufacturing

Manufacturer of steel rods and components for the automotive industry and its suppliers, the construction industry, power industry engineering, the aerospace industry, and general mechanical engineering. Active in Iran.

Salzgitter Mannesmann International Industrial Metals

Manufacturer of industrial steel products, including piping used in the petrochemical industry. Also provides transport and insurance. Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Salzgitter Mannesmann International Tehran.


Manufactures and supplies control valves, regulators and accessories for process control. Also makes specialized valves used in gas fields. Works in Iran through

Schaeffler Technologies Manufacturing

Manufacturer of rolling element bearings for automotive, aerospace and industrial uses. Active in Iran through Schaeffler KG Iran

Schmierer GmbH Manufacturing

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Super Sanati Co.

Schwabische Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH (SW Machines) Manufacturing

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Farazgaman Group.

SensoQuest Industry

Manufacturer of thermocyclers laboratory equipment. Works in Iran through distributor FARAZ TEB TAJHIZ (FFT) Int. Co., Ltd. 

Sentech Instrument Manufacturing

Manufacturer of laser and solar equipment. Works in Iran through its partner, Mahar Fan Abzar Co

Severin Elektrogerate Electronics

Manufacturer of electric household appliances. Works in Iran through a distributor, Iran Severin Kish Co.

SHW Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH Manufacturing

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Arvin Mehr Indus. Co.

SICK AG Engineering

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Mehr Kanaz Co.

Siegert Wafer Chemicals

Siegert is a consulting firm that helps companies with materials such as silicon, silicon oxide, glass, and wafers. Siegert is active in Iran.

Siempelkamp Logistics & Service Industrial Services

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Behtis Niroo Co. Ltd.

Sigma Zentrifugen Manufacturing

Specializes in laboratory centrifuges, fixed-angle rotors, swing-out rotors and accessories. Works in Iran through representatives Armin Shegarf Co. Ltd., Armita Teb Novin Co. Ltd., Rontgen Co.

SIHI Group Industry

Manufacturer of liquid pumps, vacuum pumps and engineered systems. Active in Iran.

SIKOPLAST GmbH Manufacturing

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Novin Arin T.D. Co.

SIKORA AG Manufacturing

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Iran Monotrade Co. Ltd.

Silit Manufacturing

Manufacturer of high-quality cookware, kitchen accessories and pressure cookers in Germany. Works in Iran through its partner, Golden Dolphin Co.

SIMTEK Manufacturing

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Haviin Co. Ltd.

SPC - Seaport Controllers International Shipping

Shipment inspection and certification company that operates in Iran through its partner Balivan Co. SPC’s work is mandated by the Central Bank of Iran

SPECS Manufacturing

Specializes in technology and instruments for scientific surface analysis. Active in Iran.

Stahlbau Schauenberg Construction

Stahlbau Schauenberg is the parent company of Ircast Schauenberg, an Iranian venture specializing in metallurgic and heat treatment furnaces for the oil industry, including “some of the largest, most technically complex and advanced ever constructed in Iran.” Ircast Schauenberg participated in the 2012 Iran Oil Show.

Steinert Global Industrial Services

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Fakoor Meghnatis Spadana Co.

Steuler KCH Chemicals

Develops, produces and installs chemically, mechanically and thermally resistant materials and lining systems for steel and concrete structures. Works in Iran through and Kasra Industrial Lining and Coating Consultant. Participated in the 2012 Iran Oil Show.

STURM Maschinen-& Anlagenbau GmbH Engineering

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Fa.ATINA (Mahwan).

Sudkabel Manufacturing

Partnered with Ruhr Montan Pars from Tehran, Iran.

Sunset Solar Energy

Specializes in solar thermal systems. Worked on a special off-grid system in Tehran, Iran.

SWF Krantechnik Construction

Producer of cranes and lifting equipment. Involved in various commercial activities in Iran

TECH Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG Industrial Metals

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by  TECO / Avenza.

TGE Gas Engineering GmbH Construction

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by TGE Gas Engineering GmbH – Iran Bran.

TIB Chemicals Chemicals

Produces basic chemicals, inorganic specialty chemicals and coating systems. Listed as a vendor by the National Iran Gas Company.

TÜNKERS Engineering

Supplier of automation technology for serial production. Works in Iran through Iran Industries Support.

TÜV Nord Industrial Services

Specializes in certification services, technical inspection, building engineering, industrial services, and training in the field of safety solutions. Has a location in Iran, TÜV Nord Iran.

URACA GmbH & Co. KG Engineering

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Anko Industry Service GmbH.

Unigrind Energy

Manufactures products used for the treatment and repair of valves. Listed as a participant in the 2010 Iranian Gas & Oil Exhibition.

Vega Grieshaber KG Manufacturing

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by ControlNegar Consulting Engineers Co.

Voelkel Industrial Products Chemicals

Manufacturer of professional industrial adhesives and coatings. Works in Iran through its partner, Shimiya Beton Co.

Voith Manufacturing

Specializes in power transmission, turbo coupling, retarding, joint shaft, hydraulic pumps, and gearboxes. Works in Iran through its regional office in Tehran.

Wafios Technology

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Sherkate Tossehe Sanayeh Rooz.

Waldemar Loeser GmbH & Co. KG Manufacturing

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Afsar Trading Co. Ltd.

Wepuko Pahnke GmbH Engineering

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Tehran Javan.

Werke GmbH Manufacturing

Specializes in magnetic stirrers, mixers, overhead stirrers, shakers, homogenizers, mills, rotary evaporators, calorimeters, laboratory reactors and specially developed software for laboratory and analysis applications. Products are imported by Iran’s Karazma Company.  

Werth Manufacturing

Manufacturer of measurement projectors, measuring machines, sensors, accessories and software. Works in Iran through its representative, Iran Technical Supply.

Wiggert & Co. GmbH Industrial Services

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Artavil Aria Machine Co.

Wilo Manufacturing

 Lists an Iran country sales manager on its company website.

Wincor Nixdorf Telecom

Providers of IT solutions specializing in the banking and retail sectors. Does business in Iran through Informatics Services Corporation, which in turn provides services for a number of internationally sanctioned and regime-controlled financial institutions, including the Central Bank of Iran, Bank Melli, Bank Saderat, Bank Mellat, and Bank Sepah

Windmoller & Holscher KG Industrial Services

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Kiarang Tejarat.

Wirtgen Group Construction

Construction machinery company specializing in road construction, road rehabilitation, and mining and processing minerals. Operates in Iran through its subsidiary Wirtgen Qeshm.

ZF Friedrichshafen Manufacturing

Automotive industry supplier, specializing in engines and parts. Active in Iran. ZF intensified its business commitments in Iran in 2016 by opening up the ZF Pars SSK subsidiary.

ZIEGRA Manufacturing

Specializes in laboratory ice machines. Products are sold in Iran by Armin Shegarf Co. Ltd

Ziersch GmbH Engineering

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Farazgaman.

Zwick GmbH & Co. KG Manufacturing

Is represented in Tehran, Iran by Pardis Industry Ltd.


UANI Corporate Campaigns

  • In response to UANI's campaign, German shipping company Rudolf Schepers ended its port calls to Iran. The Rudolf Schepers vessel TS Jakarta had been making calls at Bandar Abbas port, which is operated by the sanctioned entity Tidewater Middle East Co.

  • In response to UANI's Cranes Campaign, German crane company Gottwald and its parent company Demag Cranes ended their Iran business. Gottwald sold mobile harbor cranes and other cranes used in Iran's ports and terminals.

  • In response to UANI's campaign, German industrial manufacturer KROHNE ended its business in Iran. KROHNE conducted business in Iran's petrochemical and industrial sectors, and supplied tanker components to the regime for its new Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC) construction.

  • In response to UANI's Rial Currency Printing Campaign, German printing press company Koenig & Bauer (KBA) ended its currency printing business in Iran, stating that it has "discontinued to supply banknote printing presses as well as related goods and services to clients located in Iran, including to SPMO [Iran's Security Printing and Minting Organization] and the Central Bank of Iran."

  • In response to UANI's Shipping Certification Campaign, German shipping service Germanischer Lloyd decided to comply with international sanctions and cease its certification of Iranian shipping vessels, specifically those of the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines ("IRISL") and the National Iranian Tanker Company ("NITC").

  • In response to UANI's campaign, German automaker Porsche ended its business in Iran. Porsche had exported its luxury vehicles to Iran.

  • In response to UANI's campaign and following Huawei’s decision to pull backNokia Siemens Networks (NSN), a joint venture between Nokia of Finland and Siemens of Germany, announced it would not take on any new business in Iran and would gradually reduce its existing commitments. In the brutal crackdown that followed Iran’s disputed June 2009 presidential elections, NSN technology was used to suppress protesters by monitoring and blocking communications.

  • In response to UANI's Cranes Campaign, Swiss-German construction equipment manufacturer Liebherr pledged to end its business in Iran. Liebherr "informed former customers and business associates in Iran that the companies of the Liebherr Group will cease their business activities with them." However, in February 2016, Liebherr reengaged with Iran. Liebherr won the tender for equipping Shahid Rajaee Port in Iran.

  • Following discussions with UANI, German construction firm Layher ended its business in Iran in response to a notice received from the California’s Department of General Services, which has been using UANI’s Iran Business Registry to vet state contractors.

  • In response to UANI's campaign, the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) Board voted against opening up a lucrative $300 million light rail contract to bidding by Siemens due to its extensive Iran ties. Siemens has subsequently announced it will not pursue new business in Iran. However, in 2016, Siemens resumed business with Iran through an agreement to work on Iran’s rail infrastructure with Iranian company Mapna.

I am terribly sad. Throughout my professional and personal life, whenever I was unsure of what to say or think, my friend, the Senator, was always there. He had a unique gift for finding the right words to match any feeling or emotion, often with humor, a smile, and laughter. Now, as I write this without his guidance and kind wisdom, I feel his absence deeply. Having the Senator by my side was one of life's greatest gifts to me, and I know I'm not alone in feeling profoundly touched by him. That was the Senator's great gift—he touched and guided so many of us, either personally or through his example. --Ambassador Mark D. Wallace