“Layher International is a world-leading scaffolding producer and supplier for the petrochemical, energy, manufacturing and construction industries and for commercial, infrastructure, industrial and event applications.  With home offices in Germany, Layher has a respected global presence in Europe, Asia, South America, the United States and Canada.” (Layher USA Website- About us)


"California’s department of general services, which awards its public contracts, has contacted more than 150 companies seeking clarification regarding Iran. The companies include Layher, a German construction group that recently told UANI it had not done business in Iran for six years, and ABB, the Swiss electrical engineering group."(Financial Times. "California tightens screw on trade with Iran," 6/27/11)


“Kadiran Industrial Tools has established on 1985 and now it became on of major Iranians Oil-Gas & Petrochemical Suppliers.  Who held huge stock for Iranian market and both technically and commercially able to handle enquiries.”  [SIC]

The Kadiran website lists Layher as one of its suppliers (Kadiran Website).

On June 29, 2011, UANI "applauded Layher for ending its business in Iran." In June, "Layher, a German construction group, contacted UANI in response to a notice it received from California's Department of General Services. As the Financial Times reported, "California has been notifying state contractors which have reportedly done business in Iran that they potentially will be barred from state government contracts under the terms of California's 2010 Iran Contracting Act legislation."

Layher then "entered into discussions with UANI and agreed to sign UANI's Iran Business Declaration certifying that it has ended all business in Iran and will forego any future business there. UANI will now list Layher as withdrawn on the Iran Business Registry (IBR), which California has been using to vet state contractors." (UANI Press Release. "UANI Applauds Layher, California Contractor, for Ending Its Business in Iran," 6/29/11)