Salzgitter Mannesmann International

Industrial Metals

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Salzgitter lists an Iranian distributor, Parisagh Tejarati Iran Co. (Ltd.) on its website. (Salzgitter Mannesmann International (USA) Website, “Sales Organisation”) 


"After the sanctions were published in June 2010, Hansa began to move into the business abandoned by Sepanir's former German intermediary, Salzgitter Mannesmann International GmbH, which 'ended cooperation as soon as we learned the Iranian Revolutionary Guards were involved,' a Salzgitter spokesman said. Hansa took over some contracts that had been drafted between Salzgitter and Sepanir to supply the Iranians with fire-protection equipment and other technical energy-industry needs—fulfilling the orders for Petrokish instead, commercial records show... Several German companies contacted by the Journal said they had sold goods to Salzgitter for shipment to Iran until the U.N. designation of Sepanir last year. But after that, they said, they took up contracts with a new intermediary, Hansa... Mr. Gieseke said Minimax had been a client of Salzgitter and Sepanir before sanctions, that the stationery was brought to the meeting by a Petrokish representative, and that Minimax didn't notice the logos." (The Wall Street Journal, "Sanctions Hit—and Miss—in German Trade With Iran," 12/17/2011)