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Listed as an approved vendor in Iran by NIOEC, NPC, POGC, NIGCENG, SADAF, IOOC.


"The memo was submitted to BAFA as part of an export-permit application by the equipment seller, Minimax GmbH & Co. KG. BAFA spotted the logos, and asked Minimax to clarify the role of Sepanir in its sales to Iran, said Thorsten Gieseke, a Minimax project manager who attended the Hansa-Petrokish meeting. Mr. Gieseke said Minimax had been a client of Salzgitter and Sepanir before sanctions, that the stationery was brought to the meeting by a Petrokish representative, and that Minimax didn't notice the logos. BAFA eventually approved the export. A BAFA spokesman declined to comment. On Thursday, the spokeswoman said Minimax is canceling all of its business with Iran." (The Wall Street Journal, "Sanctions Hit—and Miss—in German Trade With Iran," 12/17/2011)