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DQS is "an independent and competent management partner for companies of every size and all business sectors" (Company Website). They provide certification, inspection and assessment for a wide variety of management systems and processes, for purposes of "risk management, information security, and business excellence" (Company Website). DQS is a part of the DQS-UL Group, after a merger with the American company Underwriters Laboratories.


DQS has an office in Tehran, called "DQS Middle East" (Company Website). The Iranian website of this venture is currently under construction. 


On its website in its "Customer Database," DQS lists 428 customers for the Islamic Republic of Iran, including many companies active in Iran's sanctioned oil and gas industry. 


More serious are DQS's ties to Amin Industrial Complex, an Iranian company and "leading manufacturer of cooler and air conditioner in Iran" (Amin Website). Amin Industrial Complex was singled out in the UN's report on "Individuals and Entities Involved in Nuclear or Ballistic Missile Activities," where Amin Industrial Complex was described as having "sought temperature controllers which may be used in nuclear research and operational/production facilities." Furthermore, the company "is owned or controlled by, or acts on behalf of, the [Iranian] Defense Industries Organization" (UN Report). 

Amin Industrial Complex prominently displays a scanned quality certification certificate from DQS (Amin Website), revealing that DQS has guaranteed the efficient operation of a company that is involved in procuring technology for the Iranian nuclear program. Amin Industrial Complex is openly listed on DQS's Customer Database (Company Website). 


DQS has withdrawn certificates for the three Iranian OFAC-listed entities – Bank Ansar, A
yandeh Bank, and Bank Mellat – cited in UANI’s letter of January 23, 2019. You have also
confirmed that DQS has “cut all existing ties with any OFAC-designated entities subject to
secondary sanctions and as of today there are no valid DQS certificates for such
companies/entities…” DQS has also taken the additional step to ensure “no future business will
be initiated with such companies.” Accordingly and as requested, UANI has updated its Iran
Business Registry to reflect these actions. (March 18, 2019)