Arash Yousefi Jam / Amin YOusefi Jam

HQ Country of Company:
OOE's Chicago Field Office and HSI
Location of Sentencing:
Eastern District of Michigan
10 months

Brothers Arash Yousefi Jam and Amin Yousefi Jam both pled guilty in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan in connection with a conspiracy to unlawfully export U.S.-origin goods to Iran in violation of the ITSR. According to the indictment, beginning in or around January 2015, and continuing through February 2017, Arash and Amin received instructions from a co-conspirator located in Iran to acquire U.S- origin goods. Arash and Amin placed orders for electrical discharge boards, CPU boards, servo motors, and railroad crankshafts, which are all designated EAR99, from U.S. companies and caused them to be shipped through the UAE to Iran. To conceal the true location and nature of the end users, Arash and Amin utilized fictitious companies located in Canada and the UAE when purchasing and shipping the goods from the United States.

Total Fine
Total Forefeiture
$ 0.00
Total Special Assessment
$ 0.00
Grand Total
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