Kidnap and Arrest Risk

A company that does business in Iran exposes its officers, employees, and contractors to a high risk of harassment, arrest, prosecution, and incarceration without due process of law, without the right to legal counsel, and without an effective and independent judicial system to protect basic legal rights.  

Foreign citizens are simply not safe from arbitrary arrest and incarceration, and individuals born in Iran or who are (or were) Iranian citizens are particularly at risk of arrest, prosecution, imprisonment, torture, and even capital execution without due process of law.  

Therefore, it is not surprising that Iranian expatriates are understandably reticent to return to their home country despite lucrative executive job offers from Western firms. 
Reuters notes “problems such as red tape, a murky business culture, security issues, pollution and a lack of international schools for their children. They are also concerned about their rights and protections under the Islamic Republic’s judicial system.”