Violations of Int’l Laws/Treaties & Revocation of JCPOA Risk

No business can be assured that a regime intent on acquiring nuclear weapons through cheating, subterfuge, and guile will not violate the JCPOA and cause the “snap back” of economic sanctions by the US and the international community.

The mechanism for snapping back sanctions was specifically designed to respond quickly to Iranian violations of the JCPOA.  Accordingly, foreign businesses operating in Iran will experience an uncertain and rapidly changing legal footing of their Iranian operations unless and until Iran demonstrates long-term sustained compliance with its JCPOA obligations and universally accepted legal principles.  
According to Markus Kerber, the director‑general of the Federation of German Industries, Germany’s largest business association, major business deals with Iran are unlikely “to truly be finalized until after the US presidential election:”  “Every sensible businessman in Germany or in Europe knows … that you will not rush into the Iranian market without looking westward.”  

And looking eastward, Iran’s long record of cheating on its international nuclear obligations suggests that Iranian JCPOA compliance is a dim prospect. At a White House press conference, President Obama said that Iran is not abiding by the spirit of the agreement by “engaging in a range of provocative actions.”