Washington Vows More Sanctions on Houthi Leaders

Asharq Al-Awsat

Commenting on the steps taken by the US administration, Norman Roule, a former official in the CIA and a current senior advisor to the “United Against Nuclear Iran” project, said that Washington had hoped to force the Houthis to return to negotiations for a peaceful solution in good faith. However, the Houthi attacks and speeches indicate a “terrorist organization.” Speaking to Asharq Al-Awsat, Roule pointed to Iran encouraging Houthis. Because of this, the group has repeatedly refused diplomatic operations and attacked dozens of civilian targets in the hope of causing great human losses. However, Roule believes that relisting Houthis as a terrorist group will not be easy. According to the expert, there are people in the US administration who believe the redesignation will impede humanitarian operations and make a political settlement out of reach. The Houthis have been more willing to consider a political settlement when they face military setbacks, and neither the Biden administration nor Europe is likely to support military action, “so I don’t think the administration will be able to do much in that regard,” said Roule.