China’s Imports Of Iranian Oil Near Record Levels As Us Promises Pressure

Lloyd's List

..."As the administration continues to allow China to import Iranian oil in defiance of US sanctions, the Iranian regime’s pockets are filling up which in turn is used to fund its terrorist activities and human rights abuses,” said UANI chief of staff Claire Jungman. “China continues to reap the benefits by getting to purchase discounted oil from not just Iran but also Russia. Something about this strategy from the administration clearly doesn't match up,” she added. Meanwhile, Panama-flagged tankers’ share of the “ghost armada” ferrying sanctioned Iranian oil rose to 42%, UANI said. The flag state recently denounced accusations that it is assisting Iran skirt sanctions by knowingly flagging vessels that are engaged in sanctioned oil trades. The allegations were made in an opinion piece in Washington Post by former Florida governor and UANI adviser Jeb Bush.