Sararfaraz, Karim


The Supreme Leader's deputy representative to the IRGC's paramilitary force, the Basij (Dec. 2022 to present).1 The supreme leader holds ultimate authority over and responsibility for all policy making and the national- and internal-security systems. 

The Basij is sanctioned by the U.S. and EU for human rights abuses. 

According to the U.S. Treasury Department, "As one of Iran’s primary guarantors of domestic security, the Basij has been heavily involved in the violent crackdowns and serious human rights abuses occurring in Iran since the June 2009 contested presidential election.  The Basij have been implicated in attacks on university students, abuse of detainees, and violence against peaceful protesters."2

According to the EU, "The security forces’ response to the September 2022 protests in Iran was particularly harsh, resulting in the deaths of multiple people. The Basij Resistance Force was one of the forces ordered by the government to quell those protests. It injured and killed several protesters. The Basij Resistance Force is directly responsible for serious human rights violations in Iran."3





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