UANI Research Shows Canadian Enterprises Supporting Iranian Regime With Merchandise And Strategic Knowledge  

(New York, N.Y.) – Research by United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) shows that a variety of Canadian companies and institutions appear to be providing strategic knowhow to Iran. UANI has contacted MPD Reservoir Engineers Ltd (MPD), Anabon Security, Canadian Tek, Lethbridge College, and Université de Sherbrooke seeking clarification of evidence suggesting they are providing Iran with the resources needed to evade international sanctions, enhancing Iran’s surveillance capabilities, and bolstering its nuclear capabilities.

Specifically, online documents have laid out several transactions between Alberta-based engineering services firm MPD, the sanction designated National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) and Bank Shahr. Notably, NIOC is an affiliate of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), a U.S.-designated Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) that killed 176 individuals, including 85 Canadians and permanent residents, aboard Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 (Flight PS752) in January 2020.  

In the surveillance sector, Ontario-based Anabon Security and Alberta-based Canadian Tek provide a full suite of products from China’s Tiandy Technologies Co. Ltd., a major supplier to the IRGC, which UANI has previously documented. Products include network cameras, recorders, and software to assist in facial recognition, “earlywarning” (sic), IP technology and panoramic monitoring among other objectives and distribution technologies. Anabon Security is Tiandy’s “North American Distributor.”  

Lastly, two Canadian universities, Lethbridge College and the Université de Sherbrooke, both public universities that receive Canadian taxpayer funding, have both signed Memoranda of Understanding with Iran’s Isfahan University of Technology (IUT) allowing for collaboration in research, international seminars and workshops, staff and student exchange and other projects and agreements. IUT is home to the Isfahan Nuclear Technology Center (INTC), which is Iran’s “largest nuclear complex” and “suspected of being the center of a secret Iranian nuclear weapons program.” Iran’s universities are crucial elements in the regime’s decades-long pursuit of nuclear weapons, and Iranian international academic conference organizers have been known to the support the IRGC by using the conferences as a means to recruit and collect intelligence.  

“It is deplorable that Canadian businesses and universities would seemingly engage with Iran while the families of Flight PS752 are still demanding justice for what a Canadian court deems an intentional ‘act of terrorism,’” said UANI Research Director Daniel Roth. “If they are doing business with the IRGC, either directly or indirectly, and knowingly or unknowingly, these Canadian entities would be supporting the same terrorist entity responsible for those senseless deaths and must clarify their relationship with the regime. Lethbridge College and the Université de Sherbrooke must also clarify if any taxpayer money has been used in collaboration with the regime, and the Canadian government should launch an investigation into the potential misuse of public funds.”