UANI Calls on Japanese Conglomerate Hitachi to End Its Business in Iran

August 4, 2011
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UANI Calls on Japanese Conglomerate Hitachi to End Its Business in Iran


New York, NY - On Thursday, United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) called on Japanese high technology conglomerate Hitachi to end its business in Iran. Hitachi maintains an active presence in Iran, having provided Iran with gas turbines and induction motors used in its oil and gas sector.


In correspondence with the SEC, Hitachi has openly acknowledged that it has profited from business activities in Iran. At the same time, Hitachi has extensive business ties with the U.S. government, receiving $56 million since 2000. Moreover, GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy, a global nuclear alliance between General Electric and Hitachi, has received more than $150 million from the U.S. government since just 2007.   


In a letter to Hitachi executives, UANI President, Ambassador Mark D. Wallace, called on Hitachi to end its business in Iran and stop earning profits from its work in Iran.


Said Ambassador Wallace:


Hitachi's involvement and cooperation with Iran's energy sector is of particular concern to UANI.  As you may know, Iran's energy sector is largely controlled by Iranian government entities or groups with ties to WMD procurement.




A number of companies have pulled out of Iran to send a strong message to Iran that the international community will no longer tolerate Iran's reckless behavior.  The list of companies that have made this decision includes a number of Hitachi's partners and competitors including General Electric, Terex, Caterpillar, and Bobcat.



All of these companies made the responsible decision to help put pressure on Iran to change its ways and forego the pursuit of short-term profits.  It is time for Hitachi to do the same.  The Iranian threat not only imperils the region but the entire nuclear nonproliferation regime, and it is incumbent on all of us, governments and corporations alike, to take concrete steps to oppose it. 


Hitachi has at least two authorized distributors in Iran that prominently feature Hitachi's logo and products on their web pages. Hitachi has also installed ten highly advanced H-25 gas turbines in Iran since 2007 (Hitachi Website. "Thermal Power Systems: Experience") and over 17 induction motors for industrial plants in the energy industry since 2006 (Hitachi Website. "Induction Motor. Supply Record: Iran"). A number of Hitachi's end-users in Iran have been listed as entities of potential concern for WMD procurement.


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