UANI Applauds Eaton Corp. for Severing Ties to Iran


October 19, 2011

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UANI Applauds Eaton Corp. for Severing Ties to Iran


New York, NY - On Wednesday, United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) announced that Eaton Corporation--an Ohio-based multinational power management company and one of the largest corporations in the U.S.--has pledged to end its business in Iran, and fully sever its ties with Iranian distributor Hydraulic Karan.


Recently, UANI contacted Eaton regarding its relationship with Hydraulic Karan, which had sold the equipment of Eaton's affiliate, Vickers, and was identifying itself as an Eaton representative on its own website.


In response to UANI, Eaton stated that it will not sell any future products to Hydraulic Karan, and has "ensured that Hydraulic Karan is not an authorized customer in our computer systems, which will prevent us from accepting any purchase orders they may place in the future."


After being contacted by UANI, Eaton also sent a letter to Hydraulic Karan, requesting that it "immediately cease and desist all use of our company name, trademarks and logos, images of our products, and links to our website." Eaton informed UANI that Hydraulic Karan complied with that request.


Said UANI President, Ambassador Mark D. Wallace:


We applaud Eaton for ending its business in Iran and severing its ties to Hydraulic Karan. No company should be doing business with a regime that is illegally pursuing nuclear weapons, and which just last week was revealed to be plotting terrorist attacks on U.S. soil. In ending its business in Iran, Eaton joins other multinational corporations in continuing to economically isolate Iran until it changes course.