UANI Announces National Advertising Campaign to Educate American Public on Key Elements of Nuclear Agreement with Iran

August 10, 2015
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UANI Announces National Advertising Campaign to Educate American Public on Key Elements of Nuclear Agreement with Iran

Television and Digital Ad Campaign to Educate and Raise Awareness of Critical Deficiencies in Flawed Iran Deal

New York, NY - Today, United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) announced the resumption of its multi-million dollar campaign to educate the American people on the Iran nuclear agreement's key deficiencies and weaknesses.

The educational effort will air on national and regional television and digital media beginning Tuesday, August 11. The series of ads will continue until the final consideration of the Iran nuclear agreement. The first ad, titled "Leave No Man Behind," focuses on the four U.S. hostages who remain imprisoned in Iran, one of the most glaring flaws in the agreement with Iran.

"The vote on the Iran nuclear deal is Congress's most consequential national security decision since the end of the Cold War," said UANI CEO Mark D. Wallace, a former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., and UANI Chairman Joseph I. Lieberman, the former U.S. Senator from Connecticut, in a joint statement. "Every American should know what's in this agreement and how it will affect them, so they can draw their own, informed conclusions."

Wallace and Lieberman said that the UANI education campaign will initially focus on the following key points:

  • The Iranian regime's history of violating its international agreements and the deficiency of an inspections regime that allows Iran to delay inspections of suspected secret nuclear facilities for up to 24 days;
  • The release of up to $150 billion to the leading state sponsor of terrorism;
  • The four American hostages who remain imprisoned in Iran, inhumanely and unjustly, even as Tehran reaps a huge cash windfall through the deal; and
  • The practical alternative to the current deal: Returning to the negotiating table to get a better deal that permanently and effectively prevents a nuclear Iran and safeguards America's national security interests.

The advertising campaign will urge the public to visit UANI's website,, for a full discussion of the Iran agreement--and all of its deficiencies--as well as breaking news updates. All of the ads, as well as background information associated with each critical issue, will be posted to the UANI website.

The first video advertisement in the effort, titled "Leave No Man Behind," can be viewed here.

The underlying facts referenced by this advertisement may be found here.

UANI is a non-profit, non-partisan education and advocacy group aimed at preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. An outspoken and tireless advocate for implementation of a robust sanctions regime against Iran, UANI has been in the vanguard of efforts to ensure that any U.S. agreement with Iran is solidly in the national security interests of the United States and precludes Tehran's efforts to develop nuclear weapons.