UANI Ad Warns Iran Trade Business Briefing Attendees of Investment Risks in Iran

APRIL 26, 2017
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UANI Warns Attendees at Iran Trade Business Briefing about Risks Associated with Iranian Investments in Full-Page Ad in The Telegraph

New York, NY - Leaders of United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) are warning attendees of the Global Trade Review's (GTR) Iran Trade Business Briefing in London about grave and multiple risks connected to Iranian business investments in a full-page ad in The Telegraph on April 26.

The conference on April 26 will bring together business leaders to discuss potential investment opportunities in the Iranian market. UANI's ad reminds participants to be vigilant about the severe political, financial and reputational risks associated doing business in the Islamic Republic of Iran. UANI cites the May 19 presidential election as an example of Tehran's ongoing reckless behavior, noting how the two leading candidates pose a threat to the region and international community.

Current President Hassan Rouhani is a known supporter of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad and terrorist organizations throughout the region that are responsible for the deaths of innocent civilians. In addition, Ebrahim Raisi, a hardline cleric with close ties to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), is well-known for his role in overseeing the massacre of thousands of the Iranian regime's political opponents in 1988 as a member of Iran's "Death Commission".

"Attendees of the Iran Trade Business Briefing should be wary of how the Iranian regime's aggressive, destabilizing behavior will factor into any potential business pursuits," said UANI CEO Ambassador Mark D. Wallace. "Since the implementation of the nuclear deal, Iran has continued to support vicious dictators like Syria's Bashar al-Assad, and remains the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism. With absolute power vested firmly in the hands of the supreme leader -- and not the president -- it is clear that the regime's behavior will not change after next month's election. Business leaders need to seriously consider the reputational risk that comes with doing business with a bad actor like Iran."

Led by a group of former leading diplomats and lawmakers, UANI is in the midst of a global education campaign focused on the corporate risks of doing business with Iran, warning hundreds of international companies that are contemplating Iran as a new investment opportunity. As part of its campaign to highlight the dangers of business with the Iranian regime, UANI has identified a matrix of 10 key risk categories businesses and sovereign states face should they pursue deals with Tehran.

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About UANI

UANI is an independent, not-for-profit, non-partisan, advocacy group founded in 2008 by Ambassador Mark D. Wallace, Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, former CIA Director Jim Woolsey and Middle East Expert Ambassador Dennis Ross, that seeks to heighten awareness of the danger the Iranian regime poses to the world.