Iranian Enrichment a Systematic Violation of Nuclear Deal

Iran Seeking to Pressure Europe to Break with U.S.

(New York, N.Y.) – United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) Chairman Senator Joseph I. Lieberman and CEO Ambassador Mark D. Wallace released the following statement today in response to news that Iran was enriching uranium to 4.5 percent in violation of the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA):

“Iran’s decision to increase its level of uranium enrichment indicates it has chosen to systematically break out of the nuclear agreement, the latest in a series of decisions that exposes the one-sided and flawed nature of the deal. In addition to its enrichment violation, since 2015, Iran has been in noncompliance with U.N. Security Council Resolution 2231, which implemented the deal—specifically violating its arms embargo and ballistic missile provisions.

“Iran’s latest action is designed to drive a wedge between Europe and the United States. However, it simply will not work. European businesses have demonstrated an unwillingness to do business with the Islamic Republic. Now it is up to European governments to push back against Iran’s nuclear blackmail and join the United States in bringing the Iranian regime back to the negotiating table for an agreement that is comprehensive and can stand the test of time.”

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