ICYMI: Wall Street Journal Editorial Board Features UANI Tanker Tracker Data

(New York, N.Y.) — In case you missed it, last Friday, the Wall Street Journal editorial board featured data from United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) to illustrate the detrimental impact of lax sanctions enforcement by the Biden administration on Iran. In the piece, “Biden Keeps the Billions Flowing to Iran,” the editorial board praised UANI’s Iran Tanker Tracker, a monthly updated resource that tracks Iran’s exports to various countries, as generating “the best public data we have.” The Tanker Tracker uses Automatic Identification System (AIS) data, satellite imagery, vessel comparison, tanker classification, and cargo datasets to uncover under-the-radar ship-to-ship (STS) transfers and exports of Iranian oil and gas condensates.

The Journal’s editorial board focused on UANI’s most recent data from October 2023, which showed that “Iran exported nearly 1.4 million barrels of oil per day, sustaining its average for 2023. This is up 80% from the 775,000 barrels per day Iran averaged under the Trump Administration’s “maximum pressure” strategy.”

The Wall Street Journal agreed that lax sanctions enforcement has played directly into Tehran’s hand, allowing the regime to sell not only illicit oil, but also to export missiles after the Biden administration allowed missile sanctions under the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) to lapse on October 18. The funds from the sale of sanctioned oil enable Iran to continue its proxy war against Israel, which began with Hamas’ terrorist attacks on October 7. Hamas alone receives $100 million each year from Iran, which funnels billions to its terror proxies throughout the region.

The Wall Street Journal editors conclude that, to limit the flow of oil money to Tehran, the Biden administration must “enforce the law and sanction the complicit banks, purchasers, insurers, tankers, ports, and other players that facilitate the trade.”

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