ICYMI: Barry Rosen On ESPN’s E60: Ticket Home

(New York, N.Y.) — United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) Advisory Board member Barry Rosen, a survivor of the Iran Hostage Crisis, was featured earlier this month in “Ticket Home,” an ESPN “E60” documentary. The documentary follows Rosen’s journey to Tehran, his experience of being held hostage for 444 days, and the role that Major League Baseball (MLB) played in supporting the Rosen family’s healing process.

MLB gifted Rosen and each of the survivors a lifetime pass to baseball games in recognition of their sacrifices.

Watch “Ticket Home” in its entirety by clicking here.


Earlier this year, the Los Angeles Times published a feature about Rosen and the MLB lifetime pass in which Rosen summed up what the seemingly insignificant gift of lifetime baseball meant to him:

“Baseball recused me, us, and continues to. There is something beautiful about the game. It’s slow. It’s open. Wide open. You can watch the birds and still concentrate on what is going on. It was peace. It’s still peace.” 

Through UANI, Rosen educates audiences about how the Iran Hostage Crisis continues to resonate today – more than 40 years later – and advocates for the release of hostages being held by the Islamic Republic of Iran. Rosen also believes in an uncompromising U.S. posture with respect to human rights violations at the hands of regime leaders. Prior to the 2021 U.N. General Assembly, Rosen authored an op-ed in The Hill calling on President Joe Biden to deny Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi a visa to visit New York given Raisi’s role in orchestrating “crimes against humanity.”

To watch the full episode of Rosen’s story on E60: Ticket Home, please click here.