Nuclear Program Overview

In 2002, it was revealed to the world that Iran was constructing covert nuclear sites at Natanz and Arak. The secretive nature of Iran’s nuclear development and Iran’s unwillingness to reveal the full scope of its program has since been one of the world’s most critical security issues, with fears centering on the overwhelming likelihood of Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons. Today, despite Iran’s long history of intransigence and continuing uncooperative stance regarding full disclosure, we know far more about its nuclear program and the numerous sites that comprise it. It is extensive, highly-developed and advanced to the degree that a military nuclear capacity is within the realms of possibility. With significant deposits of uranium, research facilities, uranium conversion and enrichment plants, and advanced light and heavy nuclear reactors, Iran has all the ingredients for the complete nuclear cycle, including weaponization. Click on each nuclear site on the below map to learn more.