General Electric Signs UANI's Iran Business Declaration

September 18, 2009
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General Electric Signs UANI's Iran Business Declaration

UANI Applauds General Electric for Refusing to Do Business with Iran

New York, NY -- General Electric (GE) today signed United Against Nuclear Iran's (UANI's) Iran Business Declaration, affirming that it does not and will not conduct business in or with Iran. UANI applauds GE for its decision.  
The UANI Business Declaration and GE's corporate citizenship and international trade control policies ensure that GE does not do business in Iran or other countries designated as State Sponsors of Terrorism.
As part of its pledge, GE will provide humanitarian health care products to the Iranian people that suffer under the repression of a theocratic dictatorship.  GE will donate any profits earned from this assistance to charitable organizations including the International Rescue Committee, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping refugees and victims of armed conflict around the world.  
Responding to GE's decision, Ambassador Mark D. Wallace, President of UANI today said: "General Electric recognizes the danger of a nuclear-armed Iran and by signing the Iran Business Declaration, GE sets a strong example of corporate responsibility. UANI calls on the international business community to follow GE's example."
UANI's Iran Business Declaration provides companies with an opportunity to certify publicly that they do not and will not conduct business in or with Iran.  Collective action on the part of the international business community will isolate the Iranian regime and remove the economic crutch upon which the current regime relies to pursue its illegal nuclear weapons program.


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