Boeing's $16B aircraft deal with Iran Air faces challenges

USA Today

"Joe Lieberman, the former Independent senator from Connecticut who's now chairman of United Against Nuclear Iran, an advocacy group, said the Iran deal faces a hostile future in Washington. While it's not clear Congress or the new Trump administration will try to overturn it, 'there will at least be demands for stricter enforcement of the nuclear deal, an expansion of non-nuclear sanctions on Iran, and for companies — like Boeing — to cease efforts that reward the regime with lucrative business opportunities when it continues to be the leading state-sponsor of terrorism worldwide,' Lieberman said...

"At United Against Nuclear Iran, a group that advocates against the normalization of business dealings with Iran, retired Capt. Michael Pregent advised against Boeing's sale due to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps' use of 'civilian airliners to support terrorism.' A founding member of UANI's veterans advisory council, Pregent said, "It is inexcusable for Boeing to enter into business dealings with the regime when they are fully aware it is responsible for deaths and maiming of our men and women in uniform."