UANI Impact: 12 Vessels in Iran’s Ghost Armada Lose Classification, Flags

(New York, N.Y.) — United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI)’s campaign to identify and disrupt Iran’s Ghost Armada has prompted a leading maritime classification society, a P&I Club, and two flag states to take action against a dozen vessels, striking a blow to Tehran’s capacity to smuggle its oil and gas.

Following UANI’s intervention, the classification society – the American Bureau of Shipping and the Protection and Indemnity (P&I) Club – Pacific Maritime Club – withdrew their services on six vessels suspected of participating in Iran’s sanctions-busting scheme (WEN YAO, GULF KNOT, QUEEN SERE, SPIRIT OF CASPER, MARTINA, DANCY DYNAMIC).  

Without a valid classification certificate, a vessel cannot be registered under a flag state, and every vessel must be registered to a flag state to travel globally and enjoy docking rights. Similarly, P&I Clubs protect against liability associated with vessel operations to shipowners. Without coverage, the vessels that the regime relies upon to smuggle oil and gas assume tremendous financial risk by continuing to operate.  

Additionally, authorities in Panama and Gabon stripped another six Ghost Armada vessels of their flags after being presented with evidence collected by UANI. Authorities in Gabon took action against two vessels (EVERSHINE, LADY LUCY). The Panama Maritime Authority stripped four others of their flag (QUEEN LUCA, ZEPHYR I, ADISA, NOLAN).  

To date, UANI’s Shipping Campaign has deprived the Iranian regime of more than $1.2 billion that would have otherwise financed its ongoing human rights abuses, weapons development, state sponsorship of terrorism, and nuclear program. More than 100 vessels have lost essential insurance coverage, their classifications, or their flags, while more than two-dozen vessels were ordered to be decommissioned.