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Listed by U.S. Government as doing business in Iran. (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, List of Companies Doing Business With State Sponsors Of Terror, Removed from the internet in July of 2007)


"The U.S State Department and the U.S. Treasury Department of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) have identified Iran, Sudan and Syria as state sponsors of terrorism, and forbid the sale of goods or services by U.S. persons or companies to these countries or to agents of the respective governments of these countries. On April 27, 2007 WWA Group received a cease and desist order from OFAC proscribing the sale of equipment or services, or facilitating the sale of equipment or services to persons with registered addresses in Iran, Syria or Sudan. WWA Group has never sold equipment at auction or delivered equipment to countries or to agents of the respective governments of these countries which OFAC has identified as state sponsors of terrorism However, we have in the past sold equipment to private individuals or companies resident in Iran, Sudan or Syria who may have, on their own accord, exported such purchased equipment to their countries of residence. Since May of 2007, in compliance with the OFAC cease and desist order, we have enforced a policy of prohibiting the sale of equipment to any persons or companies that register to bid using addresses in Iran, Sudan or Syria." (WWA Group, Annual Report, 2007)


"It is an ideal point from which to serve the huge markets of the Gulf States, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan." (WWA Group, About Strategic locations, website as of June 2011)

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