WIKA Alexander Wiegand SE


WIKA is featured on the website of the Iranian firm, DIBAGARAN FARAYAND (DIFACO).


The Iranian firm, Raya Tosee Tajhiz Paya (“Raya Tosee”), claims to be an authorized agent of WIKA in Iran.  (Raya Tosee Website, “Home.”).


According to its website, Iranian company Fatehin Sanat supplies various products made by WIKA.


WIKA has business ties to the Iranian oil, gas, petrochemical and energy firm, Nirou Taban Company

"Please be aware that we have no Iranean business any longer and we can categorically confirm that there is no cooperation at all between Raya Tosee Tajhiz Paya and WIKA or any of our subsidiaries." (1/2/2020)