Iran's espionage at Swedish universities exposed: "Naivety"

Expressen (Sweden)

"…It ends up in the hands of terrorists, says Member of Parliament Alireza Akhondi, who sits on the board of the organization United against nuclear Iran (UANI)… Säpo warns of Iranian operations on Swedish soil and two Swedish citizens are imprisoned and threatened with the death penalty in Iran. At the same time, several exchange programs are ongoing between universities in Sweden and Iran. This means that research conducted in Sweden is wide open to the Islamist regime's espionage, according to the organization UANI. Through sources in Iran, the organization has come across documents that show how the notorious Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has total visibility into the international collaborations of Iranian universities. According to UANI, all Iranian students and researchers who are abroad are included in a program whose purpose is to acquire knowledge that can be used by the defense industry in Iran."