Tiefenbach Control Systems GmbH

Mining Products

"An early market voyage organized by Volker Klosowski through his local business partners showed the potential that exists in Iran through many direct discussions in the market (with market participants, commercial agents and customers, as well as visits to production facilities). "Volker Klosowski has brought us together quickly and competently with the top decision makers relevant to our industry. As part of the excellently organized market exploration trip, I had a deep insight into the typical Iranian business culture and gained a solid overview of the local technology standard ", says Dipl. Ing. Christian Piel, Commercial Director Tiefenbach Control Systems." 


Tiefenbach Control Systems GmbH reportedly participating in the Iran Mines & Mining Industries Summit, being held in Tehran May 31-June 1, 2015. (IMIS Website, “List of companies participating in IMIS”)