Czech Republic

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"In addition, Skoda Auto, the Czech-based VW subsidiary has been given a license. Their local retailer is IBG Motor. They will be importing two sedans, including the Superb and Octavia models. The new import regulations are in line with the Rouhani administration’s renewed efforts in prioritizing car imports." (Financial Tribune, "Industry Ministry Resumes Car Import Registration," 1/5/2017).


"Skoda, Volkswagen's (VW) mass-market brand, will start deliveries in Iran, South Korea and Singapore next year and will take time until the end of 2017 or later to decide whether to enter the United States, Skoda's chief executive, Bernhard Maier, said... Skoda will start importing fully built cars to Iran sometime next year and has signed preliminary accords with local partners to prepare partial CKD production in the country, the CEO said." (Reuters, "VW's Skoda to ponder U.S. production amid market push," 9/30/2016).


“Volkswagen and its Škoda brand are looking at entering Iran following the country's deal with the West to end sanctions, in a move that could cut their dependence on volatile Chinese and Brazilian markets and challenge French rivals.” (Reuters, “Volkswagen and Škoda look into Iran market entry,” 9/16/2015).


"Last week, Qorbani announced that Benz, Volkswagen, Volvo, Fiat, Rover, Skoda, Renault, Peugeot, Kia and Toyota would take part in the Iranian auto expo, adding that the US car-manufacturers would also join the event. 'In case of desirable conditions, General Motors and Ford companies will also attend the event.' He continued that some leading car parts makers, including Siemens, FORD Mendo, Busch, FRW and ACI would attend the gathering. The event will start work on December 10." (Fars News, "55 Giant Int'l Carmakers, Part-Makers to Participate in Iranian Auto Expo," 11/2/14)