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Engineering, Energy

"China's Sinohydro Group said it has not received any written notification that Iran has cancelled a $2 billion contract for it to help build a hydroelectric dam in the country... Sinohydro won the project with Iran's hydro firm Farab in March last year." (Reuters, "China's Sinohydro says no notification of Iran dam cancellation," 6/4/2012)


"On 15th March 2011, SINOHYDRO signed the nearly $2 billion contract of Iran's Bakhtiary Dam and Hydropower Plant Project with Iran Water & Power Resources Development Company in Tehran. The Project is located on the lower part of Bakhtiary river in Lorestan Province, Zagros folded area, Iran. The total installed capacity is 1,500 MW. Bakhtiary dam is a planned double-curve arch dam with a height of 315m. It will be the world's tallest dam once completed and withhold the largest reservoir in Iran. After competitive tendering process, SINOHYDRO and Iran's Farab jointly won the project. The contract period is set to 118 months." (Sinohydro Press Release, "Sinohydro Signed the Contract to Build Iran's Bakhtiary Project," 3/15/2011)


"On 29th September, SINOHYDRO signed the contract of Moshampa Dam & Power Plant and Irrigation Network with The Ministry of Energy of Islamic Republic of Iran, Zanjan Regional Water Company. With a total installed capacity of 108MW and a considerable contract value of RMB 10.04 billion (equal to around USD 1.5 billion), the Moshampa Dam & Power Plant and Irrigation Network is included in the package cooperation agreements between China and Iran. The project is also one of the most urgent projects required to be built by Iranian energy ministry" (Sinohydro Press Release, "Sinohydro is to Construct Moshampa Dam & Power Plant and Irrigation Network in Iran," 9/29/2011)