Samson AG

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SAMSON participated in the 2016 Iran Oil Show through its representative, Tech. Control. SAMSON touted its presence as an “opportunity for a mutual exchange of information and experience, for establishing first contacts or intensifying already existing ones.”  (Iran Oil Show Website, “German Pavilion”).  (Iran Oil Show Website, “SAMSON”). 


On its Company Website Samson lists Iranian companies Tech. Control Industrial Consultants Co. and Electro Heat Company as partner agencies. (Samson Website, “Catalog: Controllers and Sensors for Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning Systems,” 2012; Samson Website, “SAMSON Subsidiaries, Agencies and Service Facilities Worldwide”) Samson's subsidiary VETEC Ventiltechnik GmbH also lists Tech. Control Industrial Consultants Co. as a partner agency on its respective website.(VETEC Ventiltechnik Website, “Worldwide Agencies”; VETEC Ventiltechnik Website, “About Us”)


"For example, this year Samson AG, which makes special valves used in gas fields, has obtained partial guarantees by at least three German banks for about €29 million in shipments via Hansa: Deutsche Bank AG and state-owned German banks Commerzbank AG and Landesbank Baden Würtemberg AG, or LBBW." (The Wall Street Journal, "Sanctions Hit—and Miss—in German Trade With Iran," 12/17/2011)


In 2007, “Starline, an associated company of the Samson, [which] specializes in particularly high-quality forged ball valves,” announced, “We are pleased to Inform our Customers that we have just completed the registration with National Iranian Gas Company [NIGC] and Starline is now listed on their official vendor list … This registration follows the previous made inclusion on the NIOC [National Iranian Oil Company] vendor list.” The press release also stated that Starline had provided 2,000 valves for an Iranian South Pars gas field project in 2006. (Samson Website, “STARLINE S.p.A.”;  Starline Website, “NIGC - Vendor List Registration,” 02/20/07)