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"Russian Rostec plans to test a helicopter in Iran’s hottest regions, with plus 50 degree Celsius temperatures, company told IRNA, Aug.10. Report says that the company would test Ka-226 twin-engined Russian utility helicopter." (August 10, 2017).


"On Monday, Iran's Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade, Mohammad Reza Nematzade, and his Russian counterpart, Denis Manturov, opened an industrial exhibition in Tehran. The three-day fair by Russian industrial holding Rostec State Corp, along with hundreds of business leaders, aims to introduce Russian industries to Iran, state television's website reported. Rostec owns 700 enterprises, organised into 14 holding companies, and nine of which are focused on the military. Russia is 'not afraid' of Western economic delegations trying to dominate Iranian markets after the lifting of sanctions, a Rostec official said Tuesday... Iranian engineers were examining the Sukhoi Superjet 100, in which the Russians travelled, Kladov said. 'If we can technically satisfy' Iran, a possible number 'around 100 aircraft' would be sold to Iran, he added. Rostec Helicopters was also in talks with Iran to sell new Russian medical helicopters. Rostec will also repair and upgrade a fleet of 50 Russian helicopters now operating in Iran." (AFP, "Work on new Russian nuclear reactors in Iran 'to start next week,'" 12/22/15)