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Prematecnica lists an agent in Iran. (Prematecnica Webiste, "Worldwide Agents")


“As Iran’s 19th annual International Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Exhibition drew to an end in Tehran last week, it was hailed as a success by both organizers and participants alike. Though none of the European or American oil giants had taken part, there was a tripling of participation by foreign companies from countries such as Germany, Spain, Canada and Japan as well as the Chinese…At the moment, Western firms can at the most do only limited business with Iran due to sanctions, but those that took part in the Tehran expo say they are positioning themselves for the possibility that things might change. ‘Focusing on the Iranian market is very important for us because we think with the new government in Iran, the sanctions are near the end,’ said Juan Vicente Ortiz, a head engineer of Prematecnica, a Spanish firm which produces gas flares.” (Time, “Foreign Companies Strike Hopeful Note at Iranian Oil Fair,” 5/15/14)