Oiltanking GmbH


According to its Annual Report filed with the SEC for fiscal year 2013: "Oiltanking GmbH, the ultimate parent company of our general partner, maintains a joint venture interest in Oiltanking Odfjell GmbH, which in turn owns a joint venture interest in the Exir Chemical Terminal (“ECT”) in Iran. This interest results from an investment dating back to 2002. Oiltanking GmbH currently has the contractual right to vote for the appointment of one member of ECT’s three-member board. Oiltanking GmbH provides no goods, services, technology, information or support to ECT and plays no role in the management or day-to-day operations of ECT.

Among other activities, ECT transfers naptha originating in Iraq to Oman for a customer in the United Arab Emirates, and it does not import or handle any Iranian-origin products that are regulated under U.S., European Union or United Nations sanctions laws. ECT pays routine and standard charges (i) to the Petrochemical Special Economic Zone Organization (“Petzone”) for the use of pipelines and (ii) to Terminals and Tanks Petrochemical Co. (“TTPC”), which operates the berth. Petzone and TTPC are subsidiaries of the National Petrochemical Company, which is owned and controlled by the Government of Iran. As Oiltanking GmbH has no direct involvement in the day to day operations of ECT, we have no information regarding ECT’s intent to continue or not continue making the payments described above."