Landesbank Berlin Invest (LBB-INVEST)


"Landesbanken no longer handle payment transactions for Iran businesses." (5/25/2018).


LBB-INVEST is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DekaBank. (LBB-Invest Website)


"Iranian authorities, keen to roll out the red carpet to foreign investors, are taking steps to help local firms sell bonds abroad and Western fund managers are eager to buy... Investors are eager but more than a year after international sanctions against Iran were removed in exchange for curbs on its disputed nuclear program, compliance risks may remain. 'We would be very interested,' said Lutz Roehmeyer, director at Landesbank Berlin Invest. 'We have no exposure, and that would be a great first step, but eventually we would actually like to be invested in local currency.'" (Reuters, "Iran Looks to Open Foreign Funding Sources for Local Firms," 1/12/2017).