Jumia Technologies AG


According to its Annual Report filed with the SEC for fiscal year 2019: "For a portion of the reporting period, our travel business allowed consumers to book hotels in and flights serving Iran. The revenue from these offers was immaterial. We believe that these activities have been conducted in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and that they are not sanctionable under U.S. law. In late 2019, we entered into a distribution and commercial agreement in relation to Jumia Travel’s flight and hotel booking portals. As part of this agreement, we will continue promoting flight and hotel booking services on our platform, redirecting the relevant traffic to our partner Travelstart, who will manage the sales, fulfilment and customer service aspects of the business.

Our indirect shareholder, MTN Group Limited, holds a 49% indirect, non-controlling interest in Irancell, which operates Iran’s second largest mobile network and offers international voice, interconnect and roaming services. MTN Group Limited also has a beneficial interest of about 44% in Iranian e-commerce business Snapp (also known as Iran Internet Group), which includes retail marketplace, ride hailing, travel, delivery and food delivery businesses. We have been informed that these investments were made in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, and these entities are not sanctioned under U.S. law."