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October 2017 - "The decision of U.S. President Trump has no direct impact on the operations and business development of DF Deutsche Forfait and the trade between the EU and Iran. The international agreement (JCPOA) is a multilateral treaty. All the other JCPOA negotiating partners involved, including Iran, have already stated beforehand that they will adhere to the agreement in case U.S. President Trump should question it. In addition, there are also powerful voices within the administration of the U. S. President and the Republican Party, for example Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Secretary of Defense James Mattis or Chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Bob Corker, who recommend not to terminate the agreement. Against this background, it is unlikely that the suspended sanctions will be reinstated or that substantial new sanctions will be imposed. As a result, the DF Group does currently not expect any adverse effects on its operations and the trading activities of its business partners with Iran."


On its Company Website, DF Deutsche Forfait AG lists a U.S. subsidary, "DF Deutsche Forfait Americas Inc."


“Today the U.S. Department of the Treasury announced actions targeting a diverse set of entities and individuals located around the world for evading U.S. sanctions against Iran, aiding Iranian nuclear and missile proliferation, and supporting terrorism.  These actions reflect the United States’ sustained commitment to continue enforcing our existing sanctions as the P5+1 and Iran work toward a comprehensive solution to address the international community’s concerns over Iran’s nuclear program. ’The global targets designated today play key roles in supporting Iran’s nuclear program and active support for terrorism.  The United States has made clear that as it implements the Joint Plan of Action, contingent on Iran satisfying its own commitments, the overwhelming majority of sanctions remain in effect and will continue to be vigorously enforced,’ said Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence David S. Cohen. Today’s actions target entities and individuals located across the world, operating in Turkey, Spain, Germany, Georgia, Afghanistan, Iran, the United Arab Emirates, and Liechtenstein...German firm DF Deutsche Forfait Aktiengesellschaft (Deutsche Forfait) and Deutsche Forfait board member Ulrich Wippermann facilitated oil deals in circumvention of oil sanctions for NIOC, an entity determined to be an agent or affiliate of the IRGC and designated under E.O. 13382.  DF Deutsche Forfait Americas Inc. is the U.S. subsidiary of Deutsche Forfait.  NIOC was designated pursuant to E.O. 13382 in November 2012 for providing or attempting to provide, financial, material, or other support for and services in support of the IRGC." (U.S. Department of Treasury, “Treasury Targets Networks Linked To Iran,” 2/6/14)


"The rising costs of doing business with Iran have forced long-standing regional suppliers out of business, according to DF Deutsche Forfait AG, DE6.XE -2.93%   which provides financial services for EU companies trading with Iran. An official at the company said that some German exporters of medical equipment have recently had to cancel trades with Iran after being unable to find banks to service them... DF Deutsche Forfait started such services for Iranian trade in 2000 and says it is still active in this market" (The Wall Street Journal, "Willing Banks Find Profits in Legal Trade With Iran," 4/8/12)