Confindustria Marmomacchine


We need to see how the currently extremely difficult and highly critical situation evolves inside Iran…. A country undergoing internal upheaval presents a complicated situation that can jeopardise such accords [contracts between Italian and Iranian companies] …. [A] country’s stability is a necessary condition for foreign investment and is good for business…. (ADK Kronos, “Iranian unrest won’t aid Italian investment says Confindustria,” 1/2/2018).


In July 2016, Confindustria organized, in partnership with the Chambers of Commerce of the Marche Region and the universities of Camerino and Macerata, an economic mission to Iran led by Marche region President Luca Ceriscioli with approximately 50 businesses of the Marche Region. (Farnesina, “Tehran – The Marche Region on the lookout for new investments in Iran,” 7/13/2016). The delegation ended its mission to Iran with the signing of “a Partnership Agreement between the Marche Region and the Region of Mazandaran, which was signed by Presidents Ceriscioli and Rabih Fallah Jelodar, that sanctions the promise of long term collaboration.” (Regioni, “Iran, Termina La Missione Della Delegazione Marchigiana,” 7/14/2016).


Pleased with recovery on the horizon is also Flavio Marabelli, honorary president of Confindustria Marmomacchine, which has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Iran Stone Association. The agreement is based on consolidated relations in a country that - he stressed - holds a great deal of interest both for its marble and granite resources and as a consumer of these materials in construction. "We are here to discuss operating projects," Marabelli said. "And we plan on returning between January and February." (December 1, 2015).