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China Telecom

According to its Annual Report filed with the SEC for fiscal year 2016 and 2017: "China Telecom Global Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, entered into a rate agreement for international voice services with Telecommunication Infrastructure Company of Iran (“TIC”), which is a government-controlled entity, in October 2016, which confirmed the preliminary charge rates for international voice services between the parties. The purpose for the agreement is to obtain the charge rates for the parties, which will serve the basis for future cooperation. The rate agreement is not binding on the parties to proceed with signing of the definitive agreement or implementation of the business arrangement, but only serves as the price references for future negotiation. The official business relationship between the parties should be based on a framework agreement or a definitive service agreement. The agreement was subsequently terminated in February 2017. Prior to the termination of the agreement, we did not commence any negotiation with TIC on any framework agreement or any definitive service agreement, and no business was conducted between the two parties. No revenue was generated, and no cost or expenditure was incurred in relation to the agreement. The Company does not currently have any plans to enter into any business arrangements with ITC or other telecommunications operators in Iran."