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"'Countries that continue to support Iran's automotive sector are indirectly supporting the Iranian regime," Carleton said. "The entire world should take note that Iran's automotive sector is now under U.S. sanctions, due to President Obama's Executive Order.' Since a lot of car manufacturing companies have left Iran due to sanctions imposed on the Islamic Republic, according to Carleton despite the threat of sanctions, Chinese companies like Chery Automobile are attempting to fill the vacuum in the Iranian automotive sector once filled by European, Japanese, and Korean companies. 'This is unfortunate and irresponsible, however it is doubtful that these new players will be able to sufficiently make up for the exodus of the world's leading auto manufacturers and their superior products from Iran,' Carleton underscored. ISNA news agency reported in August of this year that Iranian car manufacturer will be manufacturing a Chinese car, which is based on a Japanese car model. Earlier in August Iranian media outlets informed about an agreement among two major Iranian auto production companies and Chinese auto companies on production of Chinese cars in Iran. According to the agreement, each of the Iranian two car production companies will manufacture one Chinese car model in their subsidiaries." (Trend, "Iraq, other countries should bar imports of Iranian cars until Iran halts nuclear program - UANI," 9/12/13)


"Chery has a big U.S. partner, too. On July 4 last year Chery signed an agreement to co-produce economy cars with Chrysler, and on Dec. 18, Xinhua, the official Chinese news agency, reported that Chrysler would start selling Chery-made sedans under the Dodge brand in Mexico very soon. The Chrysler alliance is starting small, with Chrysler selling the Chery-made under the Chrysler brand, Dodge. Chery's business outside China more than doubled last year. The company opened a factory in Iran in 2003, a plant in Russia in 2006, and a plant in Egypt in 2006." (Business Week, "China Autos: Chery Keeps Accelerating," 1/07/08)


"China's biggest domestic automaker, Chery, is opening a factory in Iran, expanding its fast-growing foreign ties soon after announcing ventures with Chrysler and Fiat." (Associated Press, "China's chery to open auto factory in Iran," 8/18/07)

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