AKA Bank


AKA Bank has agreed to attend the Marktchancen Iran conference (the “Conference”) in Frankfurt on November 28-29, 2016. According to its official website, the Conference is being organized to share information about export financing for Iran including, “[s]trategies to enter the Iranian market, Iran sanctions, Requirements (export controls and compliance), the Banking sector, Financial transactions, and Influence of the different institutions in Iran.” (Marktchancen Iran Website, “Home”).


"German bankers have expressed enthusiasm in establishing normal banking links with Iran, the governor of the Central Bank of Iran says...Last week, Seif met with Jens Weidmann, the President of the Deutsche Bank to discuss ways to enhance banking cooperation between the Frankfurt-based lender and Iranian banks. He also met with presidents of AKA Bank and DZ Bank." (Financial Tribune, "Senior Bankers Review Int’l Prospects, Future Plan of Action," 07/21/2016).