Abercrombie & Kent


"Luxury travel company Abercrombie & Kent offers magical, 12 day journey to Islamic republic" (Inside Hook, "Where to Go Next: Iran," 5/11/2017).


Promotes a tour called "Wonders of Persia" on its company website.


One luxury tour company in the U.S. is promoting a new trip to the country for those willing to take the risk, describing it as the first opportunity to see an Iran opening up to the West after last year's nuclear deal. "We feel that Iran is one of the most exciting places that someone can travel to at this point in time, given the current climate in the country and what sort of changes have been taking place recently," said Stefanie Schmudde, product manager of Americas and Middle East for the Downers Grove, Illinois-based tour company Abercrombie & Kent... Abercrombie & Kent has planned its first Iran trip in early May, leaving just ahead of the country's presidential election. They say that interchange between American tourists and the Iranian people will help bridge the gap between the two nations. "I would not hesitate to send anybody," Schmudde said. "It's a very exciting destination that's really and truly on the cusp of change." (AP, "Visit Iran? US tour company says yes, despite recent arrests," 11/11/2016)