R&R Ltd.,

HQ Country of Company:
Person(s) Involved:
Richard Lant and Dariush Niknia
Country/State of Residence or Citizenship:
Las Vegas, Nevada
Department of Justice
Location of Sentencing:
Eastern District of California

According to court documents, between May and October 2015, Niknia, Lant and others conspired to unlawfully sell and supply 500 Russian-made tank helmets to Niknia’s contact in Tehran, Iran. The helmets were to be configured for a Russian-produced T-72S battle tank and were required to have a five-pin plug, a feature that is necessary to enable a tank communication device. In May 2015, Niknia contacted Lant, who operated R&L Ltd., a company that sold Russian items, and requested to purchase 500 T-72S tank helmets and to have the helmets shipped to Tehran. Niknia initially paid R&L monies to purchase sample tank helmets and to have the helmets sent from Russia to Iran. Prior to the shipment of the first sample helmet both Lant and Niknia were told that the United States’ sanctions prohibited the shipment of items to Iran, but both proceeded with the transaction.

Total Forefeiture
$ 0.00
Total Special Assessment
$ 0.00
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