Communications and Power Industries LLC

HQ Country of Company:
Location of Sentencing:
Washington D.C.
Occurring on or about March 31, 2006, to on or about October 22, 2010. The Switzerland branch office of CPI’s U.S. subsidiary, Communications and Power Industries International Inc., sold, on 30 occasions, x-ray generators to an entity in Tehran, Iran; attempted to sell, on two occasions, x-ray generators and a medical digital imaging workstation to an entity in Tehran, Iran; at the request of an entity in Tehran, Iran, directed its affiliate in Canada, Communications & Power Industries Canada Inc. (“CPI Canada”), to make three shipments of x-ray generators and one shipment of automatic exposure control field kits to an entity in Istanbul, Turkey; and referred to CPI Canada an order that it had received from an entity in Tehran, Iran for a medical digital imaging workstation and one x-ray generator.
Total Fine
Total Forefeiture
$ 0.00
Total Special Assessment
$ 0.00
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