A spoofer’s guide to sanctioned gas trades

Lloyd's List

"The commercialisation of Automatic Identification System data in recent years and the increased access to vessel location data means sanctions skirters have to work harder to hide their activity on any given day, Automatic Identification System tracker signals from the port of Assaluyeh, Iran, would indicate that the massive petrochemical and products exports hub is eerily quiet, bereft of cargo-carrying vessels. […] 'The number of LPG carriers in Iranian trades grew substantially since we began tracking Iran’s oil exports in 2020,' said Claire Jungman, chief of staff at New York-based lobbying group United Against Nuclear Iran. 'It’s common to see VLGCs spoofing their AIS in the Middle East Gulf to conceal loadings in Assaluyeh, Siraf, or Bandar Imam Khomeini.'"